36 Weeks- Bump Update

I’ll do a weekly bump update so I can look back and see how things progress and what was happening at various points along the way.

36 weeks bump

21 days to go!

We’ve made a lot of progress on things this week, which I’m excited about. I haven’t felt rushed or any pressure to get things done since I have 3 weeks until the scheduled C-section and they are estimating The Bean will spend 3-4 weeks in the NICU after that. Sure, I know I can go in labor before the 25th but I still know that we won’t be rushing home with a baby a few days later.

But we finally got the room going by picking out the paint (Behr’s Moon Rise on 3 walls and Behr’s Valley Mist on 1 wall) and Price ripping through it and getting it all painted. We have some craft projects to do for the room but it feels good that the painting is done.

As well, the car seat (Britax’s B-Safe) arrived at work on Friday and we picked it up yesterday before the crushing crowds for the World Series winning Red Sox’s parade swarmed the area.

So with 3 weeks to go I feel good. My only ‘complaint’ is that my hips have been bugging me but nothing too badly. Also, if I’m on my feet for awhile then they start to bug me as well but again, nothing is too uncomfortable. I feel so boring whenever someone asks me how I’m going since I just reply with “I’m good” or “I’m fine”. I kinda wish I could wear a shirt with my status on it, like the “Hi My Name is:” name tags but with something quippy since I’m getting tired of saying the same thing over and over again.

PS- That shirt right there is a kid’s shirt. Yep, wearing a kid’s shirt at 9months pregnant. Sure, it might be the biggest size they have but let’s just roll with it…

36 Week Bump Update

Current Due Date: 12/1/13- BUT I’m scheduled for my C-section on 11/25! Thanksgiving in the hospital!

Weight Gain: per 11/1 appointment: 11.5lb total weight gain

Stretch Marks: none 🙂

Belly Button: getting shallower, still in!

Clothing: I wish I could wear PJ’s a lot of the time but maternity jeans or leggings with tunics will have to do

Cravings/Aversions: nothing in particular- as usual. regretting how much candy that I’ve eaten Halloween week.

Sleep: so damn tired again, been going to bed early or falling sleep early on the sofa. Trying not to drink too late at night so that I only get up 2x. But I still silently swear a whole long list of obscenities whenever I wake up.

Mood: Fine, still trying not to imagine things related to C-section, but trying to kick any thought related to The Bean’s omphalocele and the related surgery planned for the day after delivery

Movement: the baby shifts around a lot but I’m not feeling kicks since the baby is Frank Breech. I crack up when I look down and see my belly move from side to side.

Milestones: Price painted The Bean’s room this week!

What I miss: margaritas. I could go for a pitcher at this point.

What I am looking forward to: completing decorating the baby’s room & 3 doctors appointments tomorrow, including another ultrasound and getting to meet the Dr performing the C-section

Comparable Fruit/Veggie Size: Honeydew Melon (Average size: 17.2 – 18.5 inches head to toe, 4.2 – 5.8 lbs) via The Bump


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