Dear Autumn @ 2 months-

Autumn- 2 months-3

January 2014

Dear Autumn-

You were 2 months old yesterday. And it was my 29th birthday. We spent the day relaxing at home with Daddy and Kemper. It was snowy out and we didn’t feel like going out  in the cold so we just stayed in and were extra cuddly with you. Such a simple, nice way to spend my birthday.

I can’t believe all that has happened this past month!

Your first Christmas! Your first New Year’s!

It’s amazing to look back at how you have changed in the past month. It’s just amazing to see you grow and grow!

You’re sleeping at night has been getting better and better- with the exception of last night, what was up with that?!?! You have consistently been sleeping in 3-4 hours blocks, The biggest obstacle for us is the time that you go to bed and how long it can take you to feed between the sleep blocks. It would be lovely to cut down nights that takes you 1 1/2 hours down to 45 minutes – 1 hour. But we remind ourselves that you are just 2 months old and things will continually get better as you grown.Right, little miss?

Speaking of growing! You have been doing a good job of growing out of the Newborn clothes. It’s crazy to see them getting tighter and tighter. You have grown about 2 inches since you were born. So crazy long now!!

I was sick all last week and I was so stressed that you would get sick. Thankfully you escaped the cold that whooped my butt. But I hope for future you that you when you have a baby you can avoid getting sick with a newborn. It really sucks!

You got a brace on Thursday afternoon to correct the positioning of your hips because you were breech. Oh my breechy baby I cried so much for you. I didn’t want you to be uncomfortable and have to deal with yet another thing so early on. And yet you were pretty much un-phased by the fitting. And even now a few days later you are all set with it. It makes feeding you harder for us as it makes it ever harder to burp you. Oh man, you’re so extra hard to burp now. dang it!

At least you continue to be a happy and healthy baby. You are smiling more and more at us, especially when Daddy is changing your diaper. As well, you are doing a great job of tracking the toy keys that we hang in front of you. When I put you down on your tummy for some tummy time you like to look into the mirror that I put down next to you. It’s still not your favorite thing to do but it has made your neck pretty strong so you are developing more control over keeping your head up. You pick your head up a lot when Daddy is holding you and you look right at his face to check out what is going on.

I’ve been giving you massages now which you really like. We take a few minutes when you are getting an outfit change to chat with each other while I massage your little legs and arms and milky filled belly with some lotion.

Daddy and I look forward to seeing you continue to grow and watch your personality develop over the new month. What new things will you learn? What will make you coo? What will be a whole knew thing that you will learn?

I love you!



Autumn- 2 months-2

Autumn- 2 months-4 Autumn- 2 months-6

Autumn- 2 months-7 Autumn- 2 months-1

Autumn- 2 months-5


3 thoughts on “Dear Autumn @ 2 months-

  1. Aunt Tish says:

    You are writing such beautiful letters to Autumn. I love the pictures – Oh Gosh – Kemper looks so big next to her!
    She is a cutie!
    Love to all!


  2. William Kelly says:

    What a nice letter, Something to really look back at in 20 years. Autumn is such a cutie. And Kemper, my he just looks like a giant sitting next to Autumn. I didn’t think he was such a big boy. You are doing a great job, enjoy every moment as they grow so fast.


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