The Jane Hotel, NYC- Review

The Jane Hotel NYC

Way back in June I attended Alt Summit in NYC. I needed an affordable hotel for 2 nights where I could dump my stuff and get on with my day. It’s New York, I don’t need to waste time hanging in a hotel (accept for that nap I had…).

Well, I had remembered reading about The Jane on the Hither and Thither Blog ages ago so I figured I should check it out as an option as I was only looking for a place to crash and not spend too much. Since The Jane has some teeny tiny rooms (50 sf!) the rates are really affordable.

The Jane Hotel NYC-1

The Jane Hotel NYC-2 The Jane Hotel NYC-3

Why are rooms so small? Well, the hotel was built in 1908 and a boarding house for sailors called American Seaman’s Friend Society Sailors’ Home and Institute.  William A. Boring, the architect renowned for Ellis Island’s immigrant station, designed cabin like rooms for the sailors to enjoy for their short stays while in port at a charge of 25 cents a night for seamen and 50 cents for others. In 1944, the YMCA took the hotel over and in the 80’s and 90’s the hotel was part of the downtown’s bohemian culture, hosting many rock-n-roll events. And then it was renovated in 2008 to be the lovely hotel it is today by the developers Sean MacPherson and Eric Goode.

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You enter a charming lobby. that has beautiful ornate wood moldings and painted tin ceilings. The front desk, which is manned 24-hours a day by costumed staff. The uniforms are as charming as the staff themselves. While you check in be sure to check out the marble accents

The Jane Hotel NYC-8

After a very tight elevator ride up to your floor you are on your way to your room. They offer three kinds of rooms- The Standard Cabin, Bunk Bed Cabin, and The Captain’s Cabin. Both the Standard Cabin and Bunk Bed Cabin are 50 sf and have flat-screen TV’s with DVD player’s, iPod dock, and an in-room safe. And of course you can’t have a modern hotel without free WiFi. you know… to tell everyone you’re staying at The Jane! The Captain’s Cabin is large at 250 sf and feature the same amenities at the smaller rooms with the addition of full, queen or king beds and private bathrooms. These rooms all have river views and/or terraces.

The Jane Hotel NYC-9 The Jane Hotel NYC-10 The Jane Hotel NYC-11

I stayed in a Standard Cabin and it was just perfect for my 2 day stay. I was able to breeze in and out of the hotel with my room key that also served as my on and off switch for my lights, AC, and TV. The key is a little bulky but it is a really easy to find in your purse! Since the key turns the electricity on/off in your room you have to be patient in the summer with a hot room when you first get in as the AC only kicks on when you turn it on. I thought the room was a bit dry as well so I wished that it had some tissues but for about $90 a night I can’t complain!

The room is really small but the use of space is really efficient. I was standing against the wall when I took the photo of the room’s bed. Below the bed is the safe and storage for your luggage. The TV is mounted on the wall so that you can easily watch it while laying in bed. The ledge below is perfect for your toiletries and holding your electronics. I brought my laptop, cell phone, and cameras so I needed plenty of hook ups and thankfully the rooms had an adequate number plugs for my needs.

The Jane Hotel NYC-12

The Jane Hotel NYC-13 The Jane Hotel NYC-14 The Jane Hotel NYC-15

The Standard Cabin and Bunk Bed Cabins don’t have bathrooms so they share communal restrooms. The idea of sharing a restroom with some strangers might be a scary concept but trust me when I say that they were exceptionally clean and I didn’t have to deal with much waiting for a restroom. Which at the time was really important as I was 4 months pregnant! These restrooms have beautiful white and black subway tile adorned walls, marble sinks, and the showers have rainfall showerheads. I personally don’t like rainfall showerheads and I don’t wash my hair everyday and these basically force you to do so as you can’t avoid your hair getting wet. While the showers were very clean I still suggest using flip flops so that you can comfortably get to and from your room.

While visiting The Jane be sure to enjoy the amenities that the hotel has to offer, including  Cafe Gitane, which is located off the lobby. I didn’t get to enjoy the cafe but the menu looked very tempting. As well, I didn’t get to use their complimentary bicycles, nor their parking that is located across the street, but I saw plenty of people using their bikes as they rode around the neighborhood, which is perfectly located right by The Highline- one of my favorite places in New York!

Thankfully, The Jane worked out perfectly for my needs and budget! I would highly suggest it to anyone who was looking for an affordable, beautiful place in the Lower West Side. Staying at The Jane is a real treat. And I am looking forward to my next visit to New York and staying in The Captain’s Cabin! 

The Jane Hotel

113 Jane Street

New York, NY 10014



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