Monday Munchies: The Fat Cactus- Lynnfield, MA

The Fat Cactus

I swear I could eat Mexican food twice a week and never get bored of it. It’s just a cuisine that is so flavorful and delicious. I can’t resist the opportunity to have it. And we had been recently been talking about going out to dinner so I just knew we had to try a place that we always say ‘oh we should go there!’ every time we drive by. So we headed to The Fat Cactus- A Mexicali Cantina for a great dinner.

The Fat Cactus-1 The Fat Cactus-2

The Fat Cactus is located on Rt 1 in Lynnfield, MA

The Fat Cactus-3

Price enjoyed both a frozen Fat Cactus Margy and a Fat Cactus Margy on the Rocks ($6.59). The Fat Cactus is their classic margarita consisting of Tequila, triple sec, sour mix, and fresh lime juice. He said that both were good but he preferred the one on the rocks much more.

The Fat Cactus-4

I had the Prickly Pear Margy, which is their #1 best selling special ($9.95). I thought it had a great boozy kick to it as it was pretty sweet from the prickly pear juice. Because the margarita had orange juice instead of lime juice I decided to get it with sugar on the rim as I thought the sweetness would be a perfect pair. I would definitely order this margarita again.

We started with some complimentary chips and salsa. The chips were crisp and salty, which went well with the salsa that came with a kick. Typically restaurant salsa is pretty plain and mild but this was good with some bite.

The Fat Cactus-5

The Baja Spicy Popcorn Shrimp ($8.99) sounded like a great appetizer so we ordered that. It was a great alternative to the calamari that we typically order. The shrimp were small and the perfect poppable appetizer. The shrimp’s light coating was lightly fried to a toasty brown color. The shrimp were flavorful on their own but even better when dipped into the Baja dipping sauce. The dipping sauce was creamy and really quite spicy amping up the flavor of the shrimp even more. I dipped some chips in the sauce as well since I enjoyed it so much.

The Fat Cactus-6

For dinner I ordered the Tacos AL Pastore ($9.99). The pair of pork tacos came with a choice of rice, refried beans, or black beans. I selected therice, which was seasoned nicely and loaded with vegetables as well. The portion was rather large, and I was looking forward to dessert, so I only had 1 taco and some rice but that taco was so dang good. The pork was dang tender and flavorful. The rotisserie pork was marinated with pineapple and red Chilies, and then topped off with fresh onions, cilantro, and the same Baja sauce that was served with the Baja Spicy Popcorn Shrimp. So many layers of flavor!

The Fat Cactus-7

Price had a Chimichanga filled with Carne Deshebrada ($12.99). Carne Deshebrada is  marinated, slow-cooked moist shredded beef. It was a perfect filling for the chimichanga, which basically is a deep fried burrito, which is then covered in queso. umm… yum! Again, the portions were generous, as the chimichanga was served with rice and a choice of refried beans or black beans, so Price saved half of his to make room for dessert as well.

The Fat Cactus-8

We shared the Deep Fried Ice Cream dessert ($5.99). A softball sized ball of ice cream was plated before us. We dug into the ice cream which is rolled in cinnamon and sugar and then coated with crusted cornflakes. And if that wasn’t enough it was topped off with chocolate sauce, whipped cream, and a cherry! It was really good but it honestly would have been a bit better if it was softer as it was rock hard, but I suppose it’s tricky frying ice cream.

The Fat Cactus-9 The Fat Cactus-10

We are already looking forward to our next visit to The Fat Cactus. They have great deals during the wee, like on Monday any Burrito or Chimichanga is just $5! As well they post specials on their Facebook page.

The Fat Cactus- A Mexicali Cantina

215 Broadway

Lynnfield, MA 01940



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