Dear Autumn @ 3 months

Autumn- 3 months-1

February 2014

Dear Autumn-

You turned 3 months old this week. I still can’t believe it. It’s crazy to think that you are already 3 months old. I know I will think that every month, every year.

You’ve really started to grow so much this past month. At least it seems that way. You have been eating more at each feeding (4 oz) so you have been putting on weight pretty steadily at this point. Most of the 0-3 outfits are still pretty big on you but it’s amazing to feel the difference carrying you around.

I love to watch you with Daddy. You light up so much when he gets close to your face and talks to you. You smile and kick around so much. It’s fun to see how excited you get to see him. You guys hang out watching ‘Cuse basketball games. You sit on him and lean back just relaxing on him while you suck on your hands.

Speaking of hands… you discovered your hand one day and there has been no going back. At first it was just the side of one hand, then it became about getting your whole hand in your mouth, and now you have figured out 2 is much better than one. And of course this makes you super drooly but very happy.

The biggest change this month is that I’ve gone back to work after my 12 weeks off with you. So you are going to the family daycare on the next street, which works out well for dropping you off and picking you up. The hours are a little tough as we need to get you by 5pm but so far so good as I can make up time by taking home a laptop to work on. Thankfully you have been doing well there so when I get you at the end of the day you are happy. I pick you up bring you home and typically I get to give a bottle right away as you are just waking up before I arrive.

I love to give you this bottle as it’s often the first bottle of the day that I get to give you (dad does the middle of the night and morning bottle as I’m pumping then). I get to talk to you and look right at you as you drink down the bottle. I hope you are enjoying the little one sided conversation I am having with you. I then get to you burp you and soak you all in. I hate to say but it’s bittersweet as I love having you so close but it’s sad that you no longer smell like me or dad. Instead you smell like the super sweet woman that now gets to hold you all day. I enjoy the days when we give you a bath so it’s a little reset so you smell like lavender soap and lotion.

I am just looking forward to the spring’s approach so that we can hang out outside as a family with Kemper as we go on long walks at the beach or around Boston. As well, you’ll be getting old and with that be growing bigger and developing more. I’m sure that you’ll be much more active – hopefully without that brace on!- and learning more things. I can’t wait for you taking in the world around you and enjoying it all.

I love you.



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2 thoughts on “Dear Autumn @ 3 months

  1. lindz5 says:

    Enjoy your daughter every day, even the busy, busy days at work and home. My sons are 12 and 21 and they grew up much too fast. I was always worried about making it to work on time (who doesn’t) or when they were sick (of course I worry about that!). Each tear-off of the calendar page was another month/year older for each of them. My husband and I are astonished how time flies. Enjoy the moments, the small moments!


  2. Aunt Tish says:

    I just love to read your letters to Autumn – she is a real sweetheart. I can just imagine how much she will enjoy looking back on these letters from her Mom when she is all grown up. You are doing such a wonderful thing for her Nic.
    Aunt Tish


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