Dear Autumn @ 4 months

Autumn 4 months_140319

March 2014

Dear Autumn-

I can’t believe that you became 4 months old yesterday. I want time to stop. I want you to stay this small and cuddly. But at the same time I love seeing you learn to do something each and every day. I love the discovery of it all. It’s a tough thing to want to capture and hold on to the past and embrace the future and everything that is holds.

You’ve been doing so well this month in going to day care, sleeping longer stretches, and taking in the world around you. As well, as taking everything in arms reach into your mouth. And like last mouth, you still think the more in your mouth, the better. A thumb… nah, let’s do some fingers. Some fingers… nah, let’s try to jam the side of my fist in there. One hand… nah, let’s go for two!!

We are getting better and better at getting out of the house on time in the morning. But I still need to do a better job of making up time from leaving work early to get you. I’m thinking that I’ll clean up the den with Dad to clear up the desk so I can have a work space there to set up a laptop from work at night or on the weekends to make up time. I know things will work out over time.

You got your first cold this past month. You almost made it 3 weeks at daycare before getting sick. It was bound to happen sooner or later! Of course, I then battled being sick. And then so did Dad. Thankfully, you handled it pretty well. The biggest issue was clearing out your nose but other than that you were just really stuffy and extra cuddly at times.

You are such a happy smily baby. It’s pretty easy to get your to crack a really wide smile. You haven’t lughed yet but you are on your way. You crack up but are just silent. You laugh like a mime.

Autumn 4 months_1_140319


Current Loves

getting your diaper changed: you love to just hang out in your diaper so I imagine that you are going to love the warm weather and being able to hang around in just your diaper

baths: we only do baths about once a week but you really like them.

the blow dryer: you really like getting dried off with the blow dryer after a bath. You get quite upset after it gets turned off and you get dressed again.

peek-a-boo: we do peek-a-boo when you are getting your diaper changed and you light up every time we play

Current Hates

getting the brace on: thankfully you graduated to only having to wear it 1/2 time at your last hip apointment (2/28). Hoping that you will be cleared to be done with it at your next appointment on the 28th. Fingers crossed.

your nose getting suctioned out: hard to explain to you that while you don’t like being stuffed up that the only way to fix it is by suctioning all that snot out.

getting your eye cleaned: your right eye has a clogged tear duct so it gets all goopy and gross throughout the day, especially at night when you are sleeping, so we need to clean it often and you really don’t like it. Hoping it clears up soon.


I look forward to seeing how these things change over time as you discover and learn about more things. Maybe you’ll start to sit up soon as you are already doing a pretty good job hanging out leaning against some pillows. Maybe you’ll discover your feet soon since you have been out of the brace more and more. Maybe you’ll roll over as you have more freedom to move on your mat around without the brace weighing you down. I look forward to it all!

As well, we are getting a new car soon so that your car seat better fits in there and so that we can have enough room for stuff for our adventures and trips to see family. Speaking of family, we are going back to Greenwich to meet the rest of my side of your family. Plus mommy will be really excited to get some chocolate brioche rolls from one of her favorite bakeries back home. One day you’ll get to try them and I’m sure you’ll fall in love with them as well. But for now, how about your just stick with breast milk, okay? 🙂

I love you so much!




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