Dear Autumn @ 5 months

Autumn at 5 months-1

April 2014

Dear Autumn-

This past month has been amazing. I can’t get over that you are 5 months old now but this past month has been incredible itself.

It seems that your development has been on some warp speed track. You are getting close to being able to sit up on your own. You are getting more interested in food. You now are so interested in things that you really put effort into getting it. Oh man, you reach with all your might! You now find the dog to be hilarious, especially when he licks your face. And the babbling now has some clarity.

You have always been a joy to be around but your amusement and responses to our goofiness to get you to smile has made all that silly effort so worth it. You make my goofy dancing to “Happy” seem like the best thing ever. It’s the best to see you gummy mouth  crack a huge smile. You do laugh now but not often, just lots of endless smiles.

While you are the happiest baby ever you do get really frustrated really easily. When playing around with your blankets you’ll shove it into your mouth and bite down on it with all your might while grunting like mad. I don’t know what is going on in your head at the point but you are mad at something and are quite good at showing it. Should be interesting how you express your feelings as you continue to grow.

Your sleep has been all over the place. Some nights you are amazing letting us sleep through the night right along with you. And well other nights… ugh! You sleep in our bed more often than not some nights. At least we are constantly working on trying to get you to bed quickly and soundly, and your sleep transitions back on track. A for effort, right?

Right now you are sick, maybe just sickish, but you take it like a champ. We feel so bad for your runny nose and goopy eye. We finally got your right eye all cleared up but now your left one is getting goopy again. Feels like a little defeat but at least your left eye is not as bad as how your right eye was.

Sometimes your drooling is out of control. It will drip all over you and us. Maybe you’ll start teething soon, or you’ll just be drool all over us until the end of time. ha! I don’t think the dog minds. I think he licks your face so much so that he can help clean up your face. We tell him ‘no!’ but he still gives you ‘kisses’, at least it’s better than him stealing your socks. He eats so many I am going to have to get some more soon.

We are looking forward to you beginning to explore and eat solids. So far you loved the campari tomato we gave you, but the grape tomato was gross. The strawberry was gross as well but the asparagus was great. I think we will try avocado and mango soon. So much fun to see your fist grip on the food as you bring it to your mouth or suck or chew on it like crazy.

Be sure to keep on saying “dada” over and over again and I’m sure you will have Daddy wrapped around your slobbiery little fingers. You are such a Daddy’s Girl.

This last month was amazing so I’m looking forward to this next month. But really, it will mean you will be 6 months old and I jsut don’t know if I can handle it!!



Autumn at 5 months-5

Autumn at 5 months-6

Autumn at 5 months-3 Autumn at 5 months-4

Autumn at 5 months-2

 Autumn at 5 months-7



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