Satisfying my Sweet Tooth with Yasso

Yasso Frozen Treats_01

Have you heard of Yasso?

If not then you are missing out!!

Yasso Frozen Treats_02

Ever since I was pregnant I’ve been craving sugar. Lots and lots of sugar. But the thing is I don’t want to gain tons of weight stuffing my face with cookies. I took that approach while pregnant, which is why one day I ate 6 peaches. It paid off since I only gained 15 pounds. And since then I’ve tried to moderate what I eat so all the weight I’ve lost since then doesn’t come back. I’ve had my moments with pie but for the most part I grab something that is healthy that satisifies my sugar craving.

That is where Yasso Frozen Greek Yogurt Novelty Treats come in!

Yasso Frozen Treats_03

These frozen Greek yogurt treats come in creative flavors like strawberry, coconut, and raspberry dark chocolate. They have a slight tang from the Greek Yogurt but the sweetness from the flavors really shines through. These are not your usual ice cream treats, these are a more adult and contemporary dessert fit for adult summer parties or a nice picnic at the beach.

There are 5 new flavors that just came out this spring. They released Mint Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Fudge, Dark Chocolate Raspberry, Sea Salt Caramel, and Peanut Butter Cup. Each of the three flavors we tried had its own unique flavor and even, dare I say, design.

Yasso Frozen Treats_04 Yasso Frozen Treats_05

The Sea Salt Caramel had a delicious swirl surrounded by the signature Greek yogurt so each lick has both contrasting flavors. The sea salt and caramel creates a rich texture with the melting yogurt.

This pop is fat free and is only 100 calories! That is a guilt-free treat! Especially since it has 6 grams of protein.

Yasso Frozen Treats_06

Yasso Frozen Treats_07 Yasso Frozen Treats_08

Mint Chocolate Chip has bits of chocolate throughout the bar. The mint flavor is inside the greek yogurt so each bite has a hint of mint and perhaps a piece of chocolate.

The Mint Chocolate Chip is low- fat with only 1.5 grams of fat. As well it is just 100 calories and has 6 grams of protein. The best is that it just has 13 grams of sugar. This is far less than some other low-fat, low-calorie frozen treats.

Yasso Frozen Treats_09 Yasso Frozen Treats_10

The Peanut Butter Cup has the contrast of the savory peanut butter inside the Greek yogurt bar and a coating of sweet chocolate. It appears hand dipped which is rare for cold sweet treat you find in the frozen section of your local grocer. The flavor contract of peanut, Greek yogurt and chocolate is wonderful on the palette.

These treats are only 130 calories and just have 6 grams of fat. Definitely not bad for a treat with peanut butter! Plus, it’s made with without any artificial sweeteners and only all natural ingredients. Yum!!

Yasso Frozen Treats_11

For a more sophisticated approach to sweet treats, try Yasso.  While each Greek yogurt pop has its own individual character and approach each has one signature ingredient that sets it apart from every other sweet dessert.  The Greek yogurt is not the usual vanilla ice cream with a high intensity of sweetness and added topping which make it more sweet, instead the yogurt has a tang, almost savory flavor that allows the additional flavor and topping to be expressed while the yogurt binds it together.  Each aspect allows each other to shine.

Be sure to add Yasso’s Frozen Greek Yogurt Treats to your cart the next time you are out grocery shopping. You can locate each flavor by using their awesome, easy to use search system. You won’t be disapointed!

**While I received complimentary product from Yasso, these opinions are entirely my own.**


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