Dear Autumn @ 6 Months

Autumn 6 months-1

May 2014

Dear Autumn,

You came into this world 6 months ago. A whole half of year. In the grand scheme of things it’s a relatively short period of time but still can’t believe it has already been 6 months. I know our lives before you were pretty different but it really seems you have been here forever because I can’t imagine you not here either.

While I would love to be able to just stay late at work or go out to dinner with dad without having to juggle so much like daycare pick up, pumping, your feeding/nap schedule, etc I would not have it any other way. Yes, there are sacrifices here and there but I would trade everything in the world for your health and happiness.

And boy, are you happy! You are such a happy baby with a smile on your face most of the time. Giggles are still an occasional occurrence but dad can really get you to really crack up. You like my crazy dancing and off key singing, so you a smile is glued to your face when we hop around singing. Sometimes you join in and screech to add to the fun.

You have a lot of fun at dinner time too. You have been eating more and more and have been trying new foods as well. You started with campari tomatoes and have now added watermellon, apples, peaches, pears, sweet potatoes, and mango to your favorite foods. You love mango so much. I swear you could eat it every day. Oh wait, you basically do.

While you have been eager to try new foods you are still our little bean. So little! You’re 6 months but can still fit into a lot of the 0-3 month stuff you have. Dad took you to the Dr for your 6 month check up (5/19) and you measured 25″ inches long and 12lbs 11.5 oz, meaning you are still under 5th percentile. But you still have the most delicious leg rolls. I can’t resist nibbling on them, which you think is pretty funny.

You have graduated from the bassinet to your crib in your room. Some nights you sleep right through to morning (4.30ish- ugh!) but there are other nights where you just can’t get settled in are up often and need some extra cuddles so you come into bed with us. I love snuggling up to you as you settle in between us and get back to sleep. You still wake up pretty upset but there have been a few times when you have woken up and not started screaming so I’m hoping you do grow out of the crying wake up soon.

I’m looking forward to the next month as you are growing like a weed and I love to see how much you learn, discover, and fall in love with. I’m guessing that you are sitting up and are mush more talkative and giggly. We’ll just have to wait and see what June brings.



Autumn 6 months-2

 Autumn 6 months-4 Autumn 6 months-3

Autumn 6 months-5


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