The Beauty of the The Key West Butterfly & Nature Conservatory

Key West Butterfly Conservatory_01

A few weeks back I when I posted my recap/review of Hawks Cay Resort in The Florida Keys I mentioned that I had written some posts about our babymoon but forgot I had done that after Autumn was born. So here is my recap of our afternoon visit to The Key West Butterfly & Nature Conservatory.

 Key West Butterfly Conservatory_02

We were spending a lovely day wandering around Key West when I started to notice people with these paper butterflies stuck to their shirts. I soon discovered it identified their admission into the Butterfly & Nature Conservatory, located at the Southern end of Duval Street. Since my pregnant feet were getting a wee bit tired of walking around we decided to check it out hoping there would be a place to sit down and it had to be cooler than it was outside… right?

Key West Butterfly Conservatory_03 Key West Butterfly Conservatory_04

Key West Butterfly Conservatory_05

Thankfully it was much cooler than it was outside (88!). We walked into the lobby/gift shop/gallery and I almost did a dance of joy for the refreshing AC. Almost danced… I was hot and pregnant… I have my limits.

After browsing the gift shop, learning center, and gallery (soaking up the AC), we grabbed our tickets ($12 each) to go into the Butterfly Conservatory.

Key West Butterfly Conservatory_06

Key West Butterfly Conservatory_07 Key West Butterfly Conservatory_08

To enter and exit the conservatory, you walk through vestibules ensuring that none of the 50 to 60 different species from around the world are able to escape. As well as the multiple varieties of colorful birds.

The conservatory is kept at 85 degrees, with 80% humidity, to create a comfortable climate for the plants, butterflies, and birds. While that is quite balmy, the sun is not beating down on you as there is a screen at the top of the glass-enclosed habitat, so it felt much nicer than being outside walking around.

Key West Butterfly Conservatory_09

Key West Butterfly Conservatory_10

You have check the path in front of you for resting or basking butterflies and these little birds! Some of these babes had recently hatched.

Key West Butterfly Conservatory_11 Key West Butterfly Conservatory_12

Key West Butterfly Conservatory_13

Key West Butterfly Conservatory_14

Key West Butterfly Conservatory_15

One of the 2 flamingos hanging out in the middle of the conservatory.

Key West Butterfly Conservatory_16

Key West Butterfly Conservatory_17 Key West Butterfly Conservatory_18

As butterflies get frightened by loud noises, you must talk in hushed tones. As well as keep you phone ringer off. It makes for a really nice calm experience as it’s a swift departure from the hustle and bustle of Duval Street.

Key West Butterfly Conservatory_19

Key West Butterfly Conservatory_20 Key West Butterfly Conservatory_21

Key West Butterfly Conservatory_22

Key West Butterfly Conservatory_23 Key West Butterfly Conservatory_24

It was quite fun and interesting to see some butterflies hatching from their chrysalis.

Key West Butterfly Conservatory_25

Oh hello.

Key West Butterfly Conservatory_26

So this butterfly landed on me and I got SUPER EXCITED which made the staff member crack up since my eyes basically doubled in size and bugged out of my head like Christmas morning when I got the portable stero- with built in CD player! – that I wanted when I was like 7. I practially stopped breating so I wouldn’t scare the butterfly off.

Key West Butterfly Conservatory_27 Key West Butterfly Conservatory_28

Key West Butterfly Conservatory_29

In the end it made itself quite cozy on me and hung around for awhile allowing me to breathe once again and gave Price the chance to get some awesome pictures.

Key West Butterfly Conservatory_30

I highly suggest checking out the conservatory. It’s fun for kids of all ages as you get to stroll along the pathways enjouing the beautiful vegetation as you watch the butterflies fly around you.

The Key West Butterfly & Nature Conservatory

1316 Duval Street

Key West, FL 33040

(305) 296-2988

Conservatory Hours
9:00 AM to 5:00 PM daily
Last ticket sold 30 minutes before closing

Gift Shop and Gallery Hours
9:00 AM to 5:30 PM daily

General Admission $12.00
Children 4-12 years $8.50
Under 4 years Free
Seniors and Military $9.00


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