Dear Autumn @ 7 months

 Autumn- 7 months-4

June 2014

Dear Autumn,

Oh man, we love you so dang much. Sure there are rough moments, or even days, but with 1 flash of your toothy smile or an extra arm squeeze, we’ve instantly forgotten about whatever drama is going on and our love for you increases 10 fold.

I’m proud of evrrything you tackled this past month! You started swim class, got your first 2 teeth, and took a trip to Florida to see G.G. and great grandma. The flights and trip were good but some of that teething has been a bit rougher. You had some mild fevers and another torticollis flare up but overall you took it like a champ (with a little baby Tylenol).

You’re now sitting up like a pro. Sometimes you’ll fall backwards on the bed or blanket but you can go 5-10 minutes just hanging out playing with your toys. When you fall you are either okay with it and keep going about your business or do the silent cry, which leads to a full blown meltdown, and it’s not like you got hurt in the process. Weirdo.

You still whine yourself to sleep. It’s funny and weird. You fight sleep so much. When you are fussy we sing the ABC’s to you and you generally calm down by the letter ‘D’. It’s amazing how quickly you recongize it and are soothed by it as well. I try to mix other songs, like “Row, Row, Row Your Boat”, so I’m not singing the ABC’s 10 times in a row but it’s clearly your favorite.

The only thing we are struggling with is keeping you in your crib the whole way through the night. Some nights are great and you make it right through and other nights you end up in our bed at some point because you were having such a fit. It’s not a good combo with your dad’s anxiety about your cries and my practical sleep walking so if it takes more than a few minutes to get you back down you ending up back in our bed. You have the system rigged! You know our weaknesses to play us and you win. Ha!

You have been sleeping on your stomach which makes your face do the cutest smooshed fish face. I just want to kiss you up then but I resist because it would wake you up. But when I do need to get you up I kiss up like a hundred times until your grumpiness is awake.

This upcoming month is going to be great! We have a lot of fun things planned, like you’ll meet your g-pop and we’ll go camping.



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