Dear Autumn @ 8 Months

Autumn_8 months-1

July 2014

Dear Autumn-

Man, you are so cool. As cool as can be for a 8 month old. Definitely.

We are just in love with everything that you can do now. You are just growing in leaps and bounds now. It’s so much fun seeing all the new things you are learning in such a short period of time. You’re sitting up like a pro. Every now and then you’re pitch over and wack your head on the floor so we generally try to keep the Boppy around you or sit right behind or next to you just in case.You can keep yourself occupied for a few minutes on your own so that I can run Kemper out in the front yard or start dinner.

Your favorite thing to do now is wave at everyone and everything. You started about a week and a half ago and now it’s just the coolest thing ever. You’re such a crab when I change your diaper but once we leave your room and you see your reflection in the hallway mirror you just light up and star waving.

You even wave at Kemper now. He doesn’t get it, he just looks at you for food, which you are amazing at giving to him. You look right at us and listen to us say “No, not for puppy!” but you still drop it for him. And then when you continue to do that we put our hand under your’s so that if you drop it we will catch it before he gets it. You take your hand back and then put the food in your mouth, take a bite or 2. Once we move our hand as it seems you are going to eat your food, you quickly extend your hand and drop it for Kemper. Ugh. So, while we are ticked that you keep feeding the dog, we still crack up because you are try your best to be sneaky about it.

The dog is fun but walking is the best. You love to hold on to our hands so that we can guide you around. I’m afraid you’ll never crawl but I’m not that worried about it since we haven’t done any baby-proofing yet. You completely freak out when you are on your stomach since you can’t figure out crawling and that completely pisses you off! Oh the tears and tears. It’s so sad but funny how instantly you will freak! ha!

But truthfully, we do more freaking out than you. We can’t believe how fast you are growing (minus the crawling!). There have been some great moments this past month but I have 2 favorite moments. You started to wave one day to your reflection when we would walk by the mirror which was so cool but that night you started to wave to Dad and you had the biggest smile on your face. You were so excited to wave to him and he was so excited it was the best moment (so, of course, I teared up!) And then one day when I was picking you up from daycare you guys were outside and you noticed me and you started to kick you legs and wave your arms while Gloria was holding you. As I got closer you started showing ‘mamamamama’ and put your arms out to grab me. OMG. The. Best.

You’re just the best thing ever.





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