Dear Autumn @ 9 Months

Autumn Olivia_9 months-2

August 2014

Dear Autumn-

Oh man, every month the 18th sneaks up on me and I go “OMG! How are you another month older!?!?” I’m sure I’ll be doing this same freak out when your are older as well, but with years. It’s just incredible that time is flying by so quickly and how much you develop and change.

One thing that can change is your volume. Oh my sweets! You have just one volume and that is loud. Babbling loudly, crying loudly, shreeking loudly, yelling loudly. It’s all the same. I’m trying not to dimension your excitement when you are chatting with me but sometimes it can scramble my brain so I respond to you softly hoping that maybe you will mimic and hope that you will learn what “inside voices are.”

So, that is why we often go outside, just so that the shreeks don’t bounce around our walls and in our brains. But guess what? You get quiet then. You will yell and yell until we reach the door and then you zip those lips once we get outside. It’s like you are in pure owe it renders you speechless. You enjoy watching the birds and you listen for planes overhead. And, of course, pulling up bits of the new sod is just the best. Even when I put you on a blanket you pull the edges to you to reach the grass and feel it, pull it, and, sometimes, eat it. ha!

We weren’t sure if you would ever crawl since you only showed interest in walking around with us but you just started just the other day. Previously you would just twist and scoot on your butt, but now you are just starting to get the crawling movement down now. Uh -oh! time to really baby proof!!!

You’re still so teeny tiny! And yet you eat so much! You let it be well-known, by broadcasting it loudly, when you are hungry or when are you full. Thankfully, you are eager to try everything we give you from avocado to beans, pasta to tomatoes, and pancakes to quesadillas. You eat so much but you must burn it up as you are still 5th % for your weight, but at least it as held steady.

I love you so much my happy baby.



Autumn Olivia_9 months-8

Autumn Olivia_9 months-3 Autumn Olivia_9 months-4

Autumn Olivia_9 months-7

Autumn Olivia_9 months-10 Autumn Olivia_9 months-6

Autumn Olivia_9 months-5

Autumn Olivia_9 months-9 Autumn Olivia_9 months-1


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