The Hub

The Hub_Maine-4


Whenever we visit Maine we go to an island(ish thing) that is called The Hub. I don’t know if it’s officially called that or it’s something that locals call it or just something Price’s family calls it (Elaine… some insight?).

The last time I was there we picked mussels, but this time we just hung out and took some pictures. It was just a nice mellow time allowing us to walk around, check out the seaweed, find teeny penny sized crabs in the tidal pools, and take pictures. Some of the best ones were the ones with Autumn sitting on the rock where Price’s grandmother would spend time sitting as she watched all the grandkids. We think she was pretty stoked to hang out on ‘Olive’s Rock’.

The Hub_Maine-2


The Hub_Maine-10 The Hub_Maine-9

The Hub_Maine-1

Kemper was so excited to explore with Price. He was probably dying to get off leash and we were tempted to do it had we had more time than before going back home for dinner. We just figured that he would end up climbing up/down the boulders and getting stuck, so then Price would have to save him. ha!

The Hub_Maine-6

The Hub_Maine-8 The Hub_Maine-7

The Hub_Maine-11

The Hub_Maine-12 The Hub_Maine-13

Honey, don’t eat the sand.

The Hub_Maine-3

The Hub_Maine-5

See you next year Maine.



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