Feasting with Saint Anthony

St Anthonys Feast_22

I remember going to Feast of San Gennaro in New York City when I was going up. IT was always so much fun. I loved the hot pavement underfoot that I skipped along while taking in all the sights and smells of the Feast. I enjoyed it so much so I look forward to taking Autumn to cultural food festivals as she grows up.

Well 9 months old is the perfect time to start that tradition!

St Anthonys Feast-1 St Anthonys Feast-2

This past weekend my mom, Autumn, and I ended up at St. Anthony’s Feast in the North End as we were going into Boston to do some produce shopping at the Haymarket vendor’s market. Instead of going at the crack of dawn, like I normally do, we ending up going later in the day so we could enjoy the Feast as well.

St Anthonys Feast-3

The North End is such a fun place to go to in Boston. It’s the Little Italy of Boston. Italian restaurants, bakeries, and import shops line the streets. It’s best just to wander as you discover sandwich shops gelaterias. There are some much hyped about places, such as Mike’s Pastry, but every place has a special place in every Bostonians’ heart.

St Anthonys Feast-4 St Anthonys Feast-7

St Anthonys Feast-5

We did some browsing around the whole festival when we first arrived, which is when it first started, at noon. Of course, my mom couldn’t resist playing a game of darts to win Autumn a little prize.

St Anthonys Feast-6

People pin money to Saint Anthony in hopes that their prayers will be answered.

St Anthonys Feast-9

Ah, the real reason we came! THE FOOD!!!

We checked out all the different vendors that served Italian favorites. My mow was nostalgic for a Sausage, Pepper, and Onions sub so she grabbed one of those for her lunch. It’s just such a classic.

St Anthonys Feast-12 St Anthonys Feast-13

And then my mom spotted a stall that sold fresh sucked shell fish. She was commenting on how it had been ages she had little necks so she couldn’t resist getting some of those.

St Anthonys Feast_23

And once she polished off her first plate of little necks she turned right around and got another 6 of them ($8). The guy loved her enthusiasm so she gave her an extra on that plate. Even better!

St Anthonys Feast-10

I debated getting a slice of pizza or an Arancini ($7), but I ultimately decided on the arancini, a risotto rice ball stuffed with a filling and served with gravy (marinara sauce) and Parmesan cheese. I knew that I would be sharing with Autumn so I thought the arancini would be the best bet for her.

St Anthonys Feast-8 St Anthonys Feast-11

St Anthonys Feast_24

I was correct! Autumn couldn’t get enough of the Arancini. She basically ate half of it! Her little hands would flap around in between bites telling me she wanted more. So cute!!

St Anthonys Feast-16

And to round out the indulgence we got some fried dough ($5). I am still soo very sad that the vendors here in Boston don’t make Pizza Fritte, let alone that some of them have never heard of it. ugh. But thankfully this was so good so it momentarily had me forgive them for not making the best street food ever.

St Anthonys Feast-20

Once we had our fill we started to make our way over to the Haymarket produce market, but on our way we stopped by the fountain on the Rose Kennedy Greenway. I have always loved watching the kids playing in the fountain so it was great that Autumn had her first time trying it as well.

St Anthonys Feast-17

I accidentally put on shorts that were so simailar to Autumn’s pants (just about the same color with pink details- mine embrodered anchors, her’s printed bikes). As soon as I came down stairs Price gave me a ‘really, you’re dressing the same now?!’ and so I ran back up and tossed on some blue Vineyard Vine shorts and all was right in the world. For a very brief moment.

St Anthonys Feast_25

No bathing so, no problem!

St Anthonys Feast-21 St Anthonys Feast-19

St Anthonys Feast-18

This little boy was running around in the fountain too. He ran over and asked to be in our pictures. Okay, well, why not? Everyone becomes friends while playing in the fountain!

St Anthonys Feast_26

It was such a great afternoon!


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