9.19-23: Raleigh long weekend recap


home from work | make dinner | dinner for all of us | Autumn to bed |make a pie | packing up for the trip | showers | cleaning | bed

140924_Raleigh Recap-1


up really early | finish packing up | editing pie pictures, publish pie post | cab to the airport | flight to Raleigh | get rental car | Elevation Burger for an early lunch | drive all around to see houses and nieghborhoods in Durham & Chapel Hill | check into The Old Stone Guest House at 2pm | unpack and hang out | Autumn takes a nap | Apex Jazz Festival | Rite Aid | pizza take out | Autumn to bed | hang out | bed

140924_Raleigh Recap-2 140924_Raleigh Recap-3

140924_Raleigh Recap-4 140924_Raleigh Recap-5

140924_Raleigh Recap-6 140924_Raleigh Recap-7

140924_Raleigh Recap-8 140924_Raleigh Recap-9

140924_Raleigh Recap-10

140924_Raleigh Recap-11 140924_Raleigh Recap-12


up early | breakfast for Autumn | quick morning nap for Autumn | get ready | North Carolina Farmer’s Market | drive to Chapel Hill | brunch at Top of the Hill | CVS | walk around Chapel Hills | drive around looking at houses | back at the rental |  play in the yard | dinner at The Pit in Raleigh | Autumn has a meltdown |  back at the rental | Autumn to bed | finish dinner | hang out | bed

140924_Raleigh Recap-13

140924_Raleigh Recap-14 140924_Raleigh Recap-15

140924_Raleigh Recap-16 140924_Raleigh Recap-17 140924_Raleigh Recap-18

140924_Raleigh Recap-19 140924_Raleigh Recap-20

140924_Raleigh Recap-21 140924_Raleigh Recap-22

140924_Raleigh Recap-23

140924_Raleigh Recap-24 140924_Raleigh Recap-25


Price’s Birthday!!!!

Autumn is up really early | just hanging out eating ribs | early morning nap | breakfast beers | donuts | drive around looking at houses north of Raleigh | lunch in Raleigh in  Chicken and Honey | drive around looking at houses | Autumn’s dinner of leftovers | BBQ dinner take out | Price put Autumn to bed | eat dinner together and watch the sunset | fall asleep early while watching DWTS | bed

140924_Raleigh Recap-26 140924_Raleigh Recap-27

140924_Raleigh Recap-28

140924_Raleigh Recap-29

140924_Raleigh Recap-30 140924_Raleigh Recap-31

140924_Raleigh Recap-32 140924_Raleigh Recap-33

140924_Raleigh Recap-34 140924_Raleigh Recap-35

140924_Raleigh Recap-36 140924_Raleigh Recap-37

140924_Raleigh Recap-38

140924_Raleigh Recap-39 140924_Raleigh Recap-40

140924_Raleigh Recap-41


up late-ish | get muffins for breakfast from the cafe across the street | clean up and pack up | leave rental house at 11am | drive around looking at houses in Cary, NC | tacos for lunch | Marbles Children’s Museum | chocolate shop | drop off car | crappy brisket dinner at the airport | flight home with cranky baby | cab home | Autumn to bed | Kemper cuddles | bed

140924_Raleigh Recap-42

140924_Raleigh Recap-43 140924_Raleigh Recap-44

140924_Raleigh Recap-45 140924_Raleigh Recap-46

140924_Raleigh Recap-47

140924_Raleigh Recap-48 140924_Raleigh Recap-49

140924_Raleigh Recap-52

140924_Raleigh Recap-50

140924_Raleigh Recap-51

140924_Raleigh Recap-53

140924_Raleigh Recap-54

140924_Raleigh Recap-55

140924_Raleigh Recap-56


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