9.9-11: Weekend Recap

{Friday Night}

leave work | stop by the house to check out progress | home | walk with the dogs and Autumn | give Autumn a bath | Price gets home | Price puts Autumn to bed while I take the dogs on a walk | make dinner: Blue Apron Shrimp and Grits | watch Triple D  |watch The Intern | blog stuffs | bed


Price up with Auumn at 5.45 | get up at 6.40 | banana bread, coffee, and cartoons | Dad and Price go to get the boat ready | go to Winn Dixie | go on the boat | stop by the house- no work yet| lunch: Blue Apron Sloppy Joe’s | Autumn naps | blog stuff |  4 mile walk with the dogs | go to Winn Dixie (AGAIN!!!!) | food blogging prep | bed


up with Autumn | breakfast| go to the site | Dunk Donuts | make blog recipes | Autumn naps | make more blog recipes |go to the pool with Autumn | Autumn eats dinner at the pool – hot dog and fries | Giants game | go to the site again, talk with Renee| go to Winn Dixie | home | make salad for dinner- done by 8pm | watch 9/11 special | blogging and photo edits go to bed at 1am


8.19-21: Weekend Recap

{Friday Night}

get home later than normal | Price gets home | Dad goes to Build a Burger monthly event for dinner | Autumn goes to bed | get pizza | watch Olympics | go to bed

160822_weekend recap_01 160822_weekend recap_02


Price gets up and takes out the dogs | up with Autumn at 6.15 | Price gets ready to go fishing | Dad and Price goes fishing | clean the kitchen, fold laundry, play with Autumn, take a long walk with the dogs- during the morning | Autumn has lunch and then takes a nap | blog stuff | Price and Dad get home with fish for dinner | Autumn gets up from her nap | go to The Beach even with Dad and Autumn=- sold out | go to Ikea | meet Price at the lot | home | fish for dinner | Dad goes to luau party | Autumn goes to bed | watch Olympics | bed

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160822_weekend recap_05 160822_weekend recap_06

160822_weekend recap_07

160822_weekend recap_08 160822_weekend recap_09

160822_weekend recap_10 160822_weekend recap_11

160822_weekend recap_12 160822_weekend recap_13

160822_weekend recap_14


up early with Autumn | take the dogs for a walk | Price starts pulled pork in the slow cooker | grocery shopping | lunch | nap with Autumn | get a mani/pedi with Autumn | quick stop at Publix | home for dinner- pulled pork with cole slaw | make cupcakes with Autumn for Dad’s birthday | make apple pie | work on Ebook | talk to mom | bed

160822_weekend recap_15

160822_weekend recap_16 160822_weekend recap_17

160822_weekend recap_18 160822_weekend recap_19

160822_weekend recap_20 160822_weekend recap_21

160822_weekend recap_22

8.12-14: Weekend Recap

{Friday Night}

home from work | take the dogs for a walk with Autumn | dinner | work on S’mores ebook

160815_weekend recap_01


up early | Price takes the dogs out| breakfast | play outside with Autumn | Price vacuums 2nd floor | take Autumn for an adventure- visit home site, michael’s, Ulta, have lunch at the Olive Garden | get home | Autumn naps | go to the pool | dinner | work on S’mores book

160815_weekend recap_02

160815_weekend recap_03 160815_weekend recap_04

160815_weekend recap_05

160815_weekend recap_06 160815_weekend recap_07


up early | make french toast for breakfast | work on s’mores book – photo editing | Autumn paints (new supplied from michael’s) | Autumn has leftover spaghetti for lunch | Autumn naps | Price does a lot of cleaning | take dogs out for a long walk | dinner | up super late working on S’mores book

160815_weekend recap_08

160815_weekend recap_09 160815_weekend recap_10

160815_weekend recap_11 160815_weekend recap_12

160815_weekend recap_13

8.5-7: Weekend Recap

{Friday Night}

home from work | take the dogs for a walk with Autumn | opened up mail | Price gets home | order Pizza Hut | Price puts Autumn to bed | dinner | watch the Olympic Opening Games Cermony | go to bed early

160808_weekend recap_01 160808_weekend recap_02

160808_weekend recap_03

160808_weekend recap_04 160808_weekend recap_05


 up early | Autumn watches Mickey | pack for the day at beach | get to Nichole and Josh’s at 7.40 | go to Siesta Key Beach | Price works from homes on deadline | stop at Trader Joe’s | home | shower with Autumn | laundry  & clean up | dinner | go to bed with Autumn (7.30) | watch Olympics | back to bed

160808_weekend recap_06

160808_weekend recap_07 160808_weekend recap_08

160808_weekend recap_09 160808_weekend recap_10

160808_weekend recap_11


up at 7.15 am with Autumn | take the dogs out | make S’mores Crack | Autumn watches Doc McStuffins | make breakfast- egg sandwiches | make Baked S’mores Bars | Price switches mattresses | Autumn has Autumn takes a long nap | go to Win Dixie | make dinner | kitchen clean up | put Autumn to bed | stay up until 12.30am watching the Olympics and blogging work | bed!

160808_weekend recap_12

160808_weekend recap_13 160808_weekend recap_14

7.1-4: Fourth of July Weekend Recap

{Friday Night}

work late- leave at 7.30 | get Sonic burgers on the way home | watch TV |sort and fold laundry | kitchen clean up | bed

160705_weekend recap_01 160705_weekend recap_02


up early | Price takes Kemper on a 3 mile run | pack up to go to Mom’s | eat dunkin’ for breakfast in the car | visit at Mom’s for the day | home- naps in the car | Autumn plays aorund outside |  dinner | get Autumn to get | watch NASCAR race | fall asleep on the sofa

160705_weekend recap_03 160705_weekend recap_04

160705_weekend recap_05 160705_weekend recap_06

160705_weekend recap_07 160705_weekend recap_08

160705_weekend recap_09

160705_weekend recap_10


up early | Price takes Brinkley on a 3 mile run | go to the pool for a few hours | lunch at the pool | home and Autumn goes down for a long nap | Price goes to Winn Dixie | make a flag cake | Go to Nichole’s mom’s house for BBQ | home | Autumn fights going to sleep | dinner with dad: turkey meatloaf, sauteed mushrooms, roasted potatoes | crash and go to bed

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160705_weekend recap_13 160705_weekend recap_14

160705_weekend recap_15 160705_weekend recap_16

160705_weekend recap_17


Fourth of July!!!

 Autumn is up at 6.15 | lounge around watching TV – MMC, Bubble guppies, Doc McStuffins, Today Show | Price cleans up and vacuums upstairs and downstairs | start to pack up (ugly) dishes | go to Winn Dixie with Autumn | Price does lots of laundry, puts it away | make and enjoy lunch | Autumn naps 12.30-2.30 | while Autumn naps make blog recipes | shower Price makdes roast chicken |go to the pool | pool closes because of thunder and lightning | back home | Autumn paints | more blog cooking | Autumn has dinner and then goes to bed | make our dinner | blog stuffs | work | shower | go to bed

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160705_weekend recap_20

160705_weekend recap_21 160705_weekend recap_22 160705_weekend recap_23

160705_weekend recap_24 160705_weekend recap_25