Dear Autumn @ 10 months

Autumn_10 Months-3

September 2014

Dear Autumn-

There are moments when I look at you and I can picture what you will look like when you are a little girl. When I see you sitting there and I envision you with golden brown hair, pulled back in pig tails, while you absentmindedly play with your feet at the bottom of your long legs while watching cartoons. But for the most part it’s all fuzzy to me. Either way, I’m just trying to enjoy the things happening now because it’s astonishing how fast these past 10 months have gone by.

You are doing so well crawling around at a lighting fast speed. As well, you are doing a great job pulling yourself to stand up. You hold on tight to the TV stand, sofa, oven, and the dog’s gate (which blocks you from eating his food) and then up you go to stand there and check yourself out in the reflection of the oven or to yell at that dog while he eats his dinner. Thankfully you are pretty cautious so you haven’t taken make spills just yet.

You had a pretty decent cold this past month and since then you won’t take a bink. You couldn’t suck on the pacifier and breathe through your stuffed up nose at the same time so you stopped using it then. I figured it would be temporary and just while you were sick but you have refused it since. This is bad since I think you still want it at times but remember the struggles you had with it when you were sick. But it’s good that you gave it up on your own so we don’t have to struggle with that when you are older. But who knows, maybe you’ll want it again in a month or so.

We’ve begun planning your first birthday party. It’s crazy to even have that on the horizon but it’s just 2 months away and that’s going to be here before we know it. I am looking forward to your little farm themed party. It should be tons of fun, but thankfully we still have 2 more months until then! Sob!

You bring such joy to our lives. We love you so much!




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