In denial

Maine Sunset-2

Happy First Day of Winter!!!!

Maine Sunset-1

I’m still in denial that the year is almost over. That it’s almost Christmas. That today is the First Day of Winter.

I’m trying to embrace the season but the short cold days get me down. So I always look to the future of the beautiful summer days to help me get through the cold winter. One of my favorite summer time things we do is go to Maine. I love our long weekends visiting there.

Here are some pictures from our visit this past summer. We visited the property of one of Price’s mom’s friends and snapped these pictures with Autumn one evening.

Maine Sunset-4 Maine Sunset-5

Maine Sunset-3

Maine Sunset-10 Maine Sunset-11

 Maine Sunset-9

Maine Sunset-6 Maine Sunset-7

Maine Sunset-13

Maine Sunset-12 Maine Sunset-8

Maine Sunset-14

Just 89 more days until Spring!!!


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