Book Club. 2014 Part 2

Man, I was on a roll with reading books all summer and then boom, my kindle app stopped working and I got so fustrated that I took a break. Lame, I know.

I should have been all 5 years ago me and bought some hardcover books, but I didn’t. But good news is that after like 8 uninstalls and reloads and updates my Kindle app on my phone is working again so I’m back to reading. Like a smart person. Or a person. Whatever.

Currently Reading…

The Book of Joe

The Book of Joe: A Novel by Jonathan Tropper

I just started this book- only 5 chapters in!-  so I can’t say too much about it but assuming that I enjoy it as much as I enjoyed the other Jonathan Topper books I read this year I am going to love it.

If anyone remembers the show 2007-08 October Road, imagine that… an national bestselling author, who wrote some not so nice things about his hometown, goes back years later. He discovers a lot about himself and the people that he left behind.

And I’ve read these bad boys…

Yes Please

Yes Please by Amy Poehler

This was the last book I read. Such a great read. It makes me love Amy Poehler even more now. I admire her constant hard work. Her life and career are incredible taking her from the ‘burbs of Boston to Chicago to New York to LA. Her writing is relate-able and mak

I remember nothing

I Remember Nothing: And Other Reflections by Nora Ephron

I read this gem this summer. At least I think I did, as I remember nothing. Really, I am just as bad at remembering people’s names as Nora is. It’s incredible in a horrible sort of way. At least it made me feel like I wasn’t the only one out there who couldn’t remember the names of people she has worked with for years. ha! But that is just the focus of one of the many short biographical stories she shares in this book.

Anyway, if you like her movies then you will love this book. Promise.

A King of Infinite Space

A King of Infinite Space (Long Beach Homicide) by Tyler Dilts

Earlier this year I got an email from Kindle saying I was eligible for a free book. They provided me with a few selections and from them I picked the 2nd book in this Long Beach Homicide series. At the time I didn’t know it was the second book in the series, as it read with such ease, it didn’t feel like I was really jumping into an on going story. Once I was done with it I looking into the author for other books, which is when I realized I needed to go back to read the first book in the series, A King of Infinite Space.

It tells the story about a Long Beach, homicide detective Danny Beckett and his partner as they solve the murder of a nearby High School teacher, who was brutally murdered in her own classroom. While Beckett works the murder the reader learns about the complex back story and how he is trying to come to terms with the loss of his wife and family.

I loved how there was so many layers to the characters and how Dilts perfectly paints the scenes and story with his writing. It leaves you on the edge of your seat.

The Pain Scale

The Pain Scale (Long Beach Homicide) by Tyler Dilts

While I had read this book prior to reading the first book in the Long Beach Homicide series, I didn’t have any problems understanding the lead character, detective Danny Beckett, and how he was coming back on the job from a year-long medical leave from an injury on the job. It didn’t dwell on the prior case that caused the injury, but focused on the new murder while still weaving the injury into the story.

Dilts beautifully takes you into the mind of Detective Beckett in such a a way that you really get to see his point of view while feeling his pain. I swear your arm might just ache along with his.

 A Cold and Broken Hallelujah

A Cold and Broken Hallelujah (Long Beach Homicide) by Tyler Dilts

The latest book in the Long Beach Homicide series.

As soon as I finished the second book in the series I ordered this book to get up to date with the happenings of Detective Beckett. Another murder, another twist. Beckett knows when things don’t add up and you’ll quickly realize that the murder of an innocent homeless man is more and just a robbery.

This is where I leave you

This Is Where I Leave You: A Novel by Tyler Tropper

When I saw the commercials for the movie starting Tina Fey, Jason Bateman, and Jane Fonda, I knew that I just had to see the movie, This is Where I Leave You. But first I just had to read the book. I have a rule about that. I have to read the book first before seeing a movie. I don’t want the movie shaping my imagination as I read. So I immediately bought the book and sailed through it.

Tropper does an incredible job with narrating the point of view of the main character. I think he is one of the best writers in creating a ‘real’ character. There are plenty of other author’s characters that are relate-able, but I swear that you really get brought into the minds of Tropper’s characters as he shares you the most vulnerable parts of all of us. It sucks you in.

Funny things is, I got this book so that I could read it to watch the movie, and yet months after it was released I still haven’t seen it. Oh life, you are just too busy!!

 plan b

Plan B: A Novel by Jonathan Tropper

Once I finished This is Where I Leave You, I bought about Tropper book as I enjoyed his writing style so much. I flew through this as well. So good!

A group of High School friends who have lost touch over the years come together to help out a friend who’s famous life is spiraling out of control. An elaborate plan on rescuing him from his demons brings them to a family cabin in the woods, and that is when things get really interesting. Detoxing, fighting, and the threat of emanate arrest grab your attention at every page.

Everything Changes

Everything Changes: A Novel by Jonathan Tropper

Another Tropper book!!

Another complex character. I just love the way Tropper creates these every man characters. He captures how Zachary’s seemingly perfect life gets a major shake up. You want him to stop messing things up but at the same time you know that the upheaval is for the best. But getting there is such a major mess!!!


Landline By Rainbow Rowell

I think I saw a blurb about this book in a People magazine while getting my nails done. I could just be imagining that. Either way, I got this book and really enjoyed it.

Without giving much away, it ultimately makes you believe in magic. And putting hardwork into your relationships. Plus, solidifies that being a mom is a pretty complex thing. Basically, read it and you’ll be cheering for Georgie, for love, and for yourself.

 eleanor and park

Eleanor & Park By Rainbow Rowell

This wasn’t my favorite book. I’m not saying it wasn’t good as it was but I didn’t get so attached the the characters like I had with Landline. But it was probably from my own personal experiences and how I couldn’t relate to it as well as I had with Landline.

If you like sweet teenage romances then this is for you. It tells the story of Eleanor and Park, who sweetly fall in love even though there are plenty of obstacles preventing their relationship to blossom. You’ll root for them and sweet teenage love everywhere.


Attachments: A Novel By Rainbow Rowell

This was a pretty easy read that I connected to as it reminded me of all the long emails that I send back and forth to my best friend about everything and anything.

Beth and Jennifer spend plenty of time sending emails to each other about everything from work, family, and relationships. Their emails are monitored at work but they don’t care as they continue on with the back and forth all because the guy monitoring them doesn’t have the heart to report them. He is lonely himself and enjoys reading their emails and feeling a connection them. Things get complicated, but that makes for some fun!!


Please send me some suggestions! xox

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