Whole30: Days 10-12 Recap

I am documenting my Whole 30 journey to help me see how far I’ve come and to keep me inspired through the whole process. I’m looking forward to the transformation in how I approach food, cook with it, and enjoy it. Read why taking on this challenging dietary adventure is so important to me HERE.


{Day 10}

Wednesday, February 11th

Ah, back to work! It was hard to get out of the house today on time since the last 4 days had been at a slower pace. But that is why lunch was kinda lame and half assed with some sausage & squash. It wasn’t really enough so I ate a fruit bar with it and that at least made it feel more complete. I looked forward to the rest of the day after that since I had soup planned, and thankfully it lived up to what I had imagined!


Quiche with pepper, onion, broccoli, and shredded chicken. Two slices of roasted acorn squash with salt and pepper.

Whole30 10-12-1


Spicy chicken sausage with roasted acorn squash, and a Trader Joe’s Apple and Coconut Fruit Bar.

Whole30 10-12-2 Whole30 10-12-3

This was thrown together right before we left, and it shows!

Not much going on so I had to add the fruit bar to fill up. It was the first time I had one so it was a nice surprise that is was good and not just blah and chewy.


Asian inspired soup with shrimp and bok choy over zoodles.

Whole30 10-12-4

This was the last Blue Apron meal I had to modify to finish up the box. This was the one that needed the most work as it was a soap with Asian flavors, like soy sauce and miso. I ended up using vegetable broth as the base and added ginger, seaweed, and coconut aminos to flavor it. I added the bok choy and the shrimp I  sauteed. I poured all of that on top of the zoodles I had in our bowls. A tiny drizzle of toasted sesame oil (use it sparingly!), some sesame seeds, and green onions. Yum!!

This was sooo freaking good. I need to make this again, and again!

Whole30 10-12-5

{Day 11}

Thursday, February 12th

The day started off rough with a rushed breakfast but ended picking up from there with a great salad and filling quick dinner. Glad to be a third of the way done!! Woo hoo!!


 2 slices of quiche (repeat from Day 10), with some sliced strawberries

Whole30 10-12-6 Whole30 10-12-7

I really do hate how breakfast is so rushed some days… like today! Basically ate inhaled this while standing at the counter. Oh well 😦

At least it was super yummy with some salsa verde.


Salad made from arugula, pear, grapes, blueberries, and prosciutto. Dressed with oil and vinegar, salt and pepper.

Whole30 10-12-8

I need to eat salads like this more often. I’m so used to savory salads but the bitter greens with the sweet fruit is a big win. Plus prosciutto is the best! It just went so well with the fruit. It was a big salad but most of it was greens.


Whole30 10-12-9

Sauteed Pork Cutlets with Roasted Veggies

It was so nice to eat a big mix of roasted veggies that was reminiscent to the mixes that I create in the summer. We needed something summery to bring us out of the winter blues. I used a mix of 1 big onion, 1 fennel bulb, 3 bell peppers, and 2 heads of broccoli.

{Day 12}

Friday, February 13th

Oh man I slept horribly last night. It took me forever- or what felt like forever- to fall asleep. Then I dreamt a lot. I even dreamt that I was eating skittles. I looked down and I was eating them and I freaked out that I messed things up in my dream, and then woke up freaked up too. Fun…


Whole30 10-12-10

Scrambled eggs with prosciutto, grape tomatoes, guac, and picked jalapenos

I beat together 5 eggs that I cooked in any of the leftover Ghee that remained in the pan after I cooked grape tomatoes in there. We eat it with spicy guac, pickled jalapenos,  and prosciutto.


Whole30 10-12-11

Thank god I had a frozen pack of a roast beef that I picked up from Costco since I didn’t have time to make anything. I defrosted the meat and Price divided it up. We eat it with leftover roasted veggies. I brought Koop’s Organic Stoneground Mustard with me from home as well.

I didn’t eat everything for lunch. But I did eat a banana later on around 2.30


Whole30 10-12-12

Spaghetti Squash with Meat Sauce

This might have been my favorite Whole30 meal so far. Prior to W30 we didn’t eat that much pasta but I was craving it, mainly I was craving a hearty meat sauce. And this worked out perfectly. I feel like I could eat this every day.


Autumn ate Goldfish right in front of me and I held back from having them. So very difficult!! And I made a cake for daycare for Valentine’s Day and resisted as well!

I am counting down to having a cookie.


2 thoughts on “Whole30: Days 10-12 Recap

  1. michaelacarole says:

    You have been so motivational with all your whole 30 posts!! I’m almost done with mine and watching you on your journey has helped me stay on track! I wanted to share a really delicious Whole 30 soup recipe with you that I love. I like to make a big batch and store it in the freezer when I need something quick for lunch or dinner. Look forward to seeing the rest of your journey! Thanks for sharing!



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