How To Make Adorable and Affordable Mini Easter Baskets

Mini Easter Baskets

I really love the daycare that Autumn goes to. The teachers and kids are the best. Plus, it’s about a minute’s walk from our house.

It’s an family daycare so it’s a nice small group of kids that love to be around each other. They play hard and love hard. When we bring Autumn the kids greet her loudly. And when she goes they say “BYE AUTUMN!!!!!”. Everything is loud and filled with the best kind of enthusiasm. I love it.

I also love baking up special treats for the kids. It’s fun to give them sweet treats every now and then. And if it’s something that is too rich or tart, like the Meyer Lemon Pudding Cake I recently made, I share with the 2 teachers there.

I have some super cute Easter cupcakes planned for this week but I wanted to give the kids little Easter baskets too.

My goal was so make something that was unisex, functional, tasty, healthy, fun, and affordable. Thankfully, I found everything I needed at a recent trip to Target. I needed to make 9 baskets for 3-4 year olds so I hit up their Dollar Spot section as it’s the bees knees.

Mini Easter Baskets-2 Mini Easter Baskets-3

I grabbed 5 packs of mini storage bins. I thought they were cute and functional as they could have a life after being an Easter basket. 2 for $1 (I could have put in some grass but I figured the parents would kill me when it got all over their cars on the way home!)

I saw card games that were age appropriate for the kids so I grabbed them. $1 each

Mini Easter Baskets-4 Mini Easter Baskets-5

Kids love crafts so I grabbed some pens for their baskets as well. 4 pens $1

And what’s a basket without some treats?!? So I moved on to the grocery section and found a box of yummy strawberry fruit rope. $2.99 for 10 treats.

Mini Easter Baskets-6 Mini Easter Baskets-7

As well, Rice Krispie treats are kid favorites. $4.19 for 16 treats.

Lastly, I filled some plastic eggs with some M&M’s to finish it off. $.89 for 12 eggs and $2.89 for the bag of M&M’s

Mini Easter Baskets-1
And that’s how I made 9 adorable Mini Easter Baskets for the kids at Autumn’s daycare for just $2.61 each. I only spent about $28 for everything and I have some extra goodies leftover to incorporate into the Easter Basket I’m making for Autumn. Woohoo!

Hop over to Target or your favorite stores to make some great Easter baskets for the kiddos in your life. xoxo


What are your favorite things to include in Easter Baskets?


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