One Last Pour

Cougar Town Baby-1

Price and I are so, so bummed that the show Cougar Town is having it’s series finale tonight. We have loved that show from the start. We quote it a lot. A lot.

It has been ‘our thing’. We would watch with glasses of wine, a big element of the show. For awhile we used our big glasses. You know, the ones that can hold a whole bottle of wine! We’d split a bottle between our glasses to enjoy during dinner and while watching Cougar Town. But then mine broke in the dershwursher*. 😦 Those were the best glasses. I need to get another.

You know how women would be a “Carrie” or a “Charlotte” when SATC was a thing. Well, I am Ellie. I am 110% Ellie. Watch Cougar Town and then you will understand me.

Cougar Town Baby-2

I even have a Cougar Town Penny Can signed by the cast. I nearly died when that arrived at my office after winning a Twitter prize from the Cougar Town account a few years ago. I thought I’d get a pen or a magnet but this delightful can showed up and I completely freaked. It’s amazing. hmm, maybe I should drink my wine out of there tonight?

Cougar Town Baby-3

So tonight, we will enjoy #OneLastPour as we watch the finale of Cougar Town after our Cougar Town baby goes to bed. And don’t mind me when I look like crap tomorrow. Just shrug off my minor hangover and puffy sad eyes. Wahhh!!!


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