Monday Munchies: Cocobeet- Boston, MA


 Guys!! Let’s embrace healthy eating!

It’s spring!! (Finally)

One of my favorite places in Boston for some healthy eats is Cocobeet. They nail the food, but their specialty is their cold-pressed juices. The store is simple, clean, and modern so the brightly colored juices lined up in the open coolers really make the store pop. It’s quenches your appetite while visually fulfilling your soul.

Cocobeet is a Boston based juice bar that offers over 30 fresh cold-pressed juices and vegan food that is focused on overall health and wellness of their clients. They offer unprocessed, GMO-free, organic, and locally-sourced juices and foods. They craft their products on-site daily in their store located right next to the Government Center T-Stop. They specialize in raw, vegan, and gluten-free juices and foods.

Cocobeet_Boston-2 Cocobeet_Boston-1

Cocobeet_Boston-4 Cocobeet_Boston-5

Their wonderful selection of pure foods includes fresh salads and sandwiches. The flavors are creative with sandwiches ($5.95- 7.95) like their Chickpea, Walnut, & Apple Sandwich, Sunflower Butter, Berry Jam, & Banana Sandwich, and Sundried Tomato, Kale, & Almond Hummus Sandwich.

While I was doing Whole30 I would get their Watercress and Fig salad as it was complaint and so delicious. I like the mix of tart watercress and sweet figs. Plus, there is half of an avocado. It’s healthy and hearty.


I make plenty of chia pudding at home, and it’s good, but it doesn’t event compare their Vanilla Berry Chia Pudding ($7.95). It’s so super creamy and silky. It doesn’t have a gel- like consistency, nor is it super thick. It reminds me of the consistency and texture of tapioca pudding, but even better.

They also have other sweet treats like Key Lime Tarts, Chocolate Coconut Truffles, Raw Brownie Bites. All of these as well are vegan. They use natural sweeteners like agave and maple syrup. As they have sweeteners they are not Whole30 complaint, but they are great options for a dessert or afternoon pick me up if you are vegan or following a Paleo diet.

Cocobeet_Boston-7 Cocobeet_Boston-8

I joking say that Cocobeet is great for your “Free” diet… Gluten Free, Diary Free, and Nut Free, Soy Free, etc. There are so many options for you to fulfill your dietary needs.


Are you unsure about that juice will taste? Well grab a sample!

Their juices are cold-pressed on site in the store daily. They strive to use organic fruits and vegetables for their juices and pure foods. They are great for a boost or for a cleanse. They offer custom cleanses in 1, 3, 5, 7, and 10 day packages.

Cocobeet_Boston-10 Cocobeet_Boston-11

Aside from the Vanilla Chia Pudding, I like to treat myself with a Mocha Espresso ($9.50) or with their Kale Chips ($9.25). The Mocha Espresso has replaced my occasional Starbucks treat with this treat as it’s healthier and has more substance than just a Frappachino.

Would you mind if I wrote a love poem to their Kale Chips? Oh you would… never mind then. But I really do love their kale chips. They are ridiculously crispy. I love that crunch. Now, to be honest, I was nervous the first time I bought them as they have nutritional yeast on them and I had never it before. My nerves were put as ease as soon as I took a bite as it was


You can start your day off on a great note by getting one of the quinoa bowls or by picking up some granola. I highly suggest their Warm Quinoa Breakfast Bowl ($6.95 – 9.50), which is served with warm quinoa, maple syrup, cinnamon. Then you pick from a selection of nuts, fresh fruit, sauce, and nut or seed mylk.

If you are in the Financial District area then be sure to visit Cocobeet. You’ll find something that refreshes you from the inside out!


100 City Hall Plaza

Boston, MA 02108


mon – fri 7am – 8pm

sat 9am – 8pm

sun 10am – 8pm


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