Strawberry Agua de Fresca- SRC

Strawberry Agua de Fresca

Happy Memorial Day!!

And happy Secret Recipe Club Revel Day!!!

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Okay, so really Memorial Day is super important and reveal day is just fun, but it makes for an extra awesome day for me!

This month I was given Tara’s Multicultural Table for me to select a recipe from. Yep, the very same Tara who I participated in a virtual baby shower for when I made these Chocolate Dipped Biscotti Bites. So I was so excited to have Tara’s blog this month. Fun.

I love Tara’s blog point of view in that she finds and makes really interesting recipes from all different cultures and cuisines. It’s very creative and adventurous. I love it!

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I had her Panipopo recipe bookmarked to make. What’s a panipopo? Well, it’s a Samoan Coconut Bun. I was so intrigued by these so I just had to make them. I mean, coconut always wins! So duh.

Except when I went to make them I realized that I didn’t have the coconut milk needed for the recipe. I had bought everything ages ago when I first picked it but then like a dumby I used the coconut milk in a stir fry and forgot to replace it like I told myself to do when I was pouring it into my chicken stir fry.  And when I realized we were all out of coconut milk I was having one of those mornings and I just couldn’t go back to the store just for 1 thing. I literally can’t even.

But not to worry I have coconut milk on the top of the grocery shopping list so I can make the papipopos as soon as possible!! And you’re damn right, I will be blogging about them!

Strawberry Agua de Fresca-5 Strawberry Agua de Fresca-6

Strawberry Agua de Fresca-7 Strawberry Agua de Fresca-8

So back to the drawing board to pick another recipe. No worries Tara has oodles!

I saw her Aqua de Fresca that was made with strawberries and I knew that was a winner as I had everything on hand and I am never one to resist a fresh aqua de fresca. In fact, I had one made out of pineapple last week… omg!

Anyway, this is perfect for warm summertime days. The perfect sip.

I suggest that to prepare for a great afternoon of sipping on an agua de fresca you toss the fruit with the sugar and some water together in the morning while you make your breakfast. Then your macerated fruit will be delightfully sweet and ready at lunch time. Then from there, it’s just about blending, straining, and adding more water. It’s really about 10 minutes of active minutes to get you to this wonderful bevie.

Strawberry Agua de Fresca-3

I’m happy I original plan has to get revised as this Strawberry Agua de Fresca from Tara’s Multicultural Table was a lovely refreshing drink. But I tell ya, I’m still gonna make those Papipopos really soon! Yum!!!

I hope that everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day. Remember to thank an active member of our military or a veteran for our freedoms.

Strawberry Agua de Fresca-4


Strawberry Agua de Fresca

Makes 10 Cups


  • 2 pounds fresh strawberries
  • 1 cup granulated sugar
  • 8 cups cold water, divided
  • 2 limes


Hull the strawberries, then cut them in halves or coarsely chop. Place in a large bowl. Toss with 1 cup sugar and 1 cup of the water. Cover and refrigerate at least 4 hours.

Transfer strawberries to blender and puree until smooth. Place a large wire sieve over a large bowl and pour in pureed strawberries. Use a spoon to help push liquid through. Discard remaining seeds.

Stir remaining 7 cups water into the strained strawberries. Chill in refrigerator until ready to serve.

Cut limes into wedges to serve with Agua de Fresa.

 Sourced from Tara’s Multicultural Table


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15 thoughts on “Strawberry Agua de Fresca- SRC

  1. emmajeanne16 says:

    It has been so hot lately. What happened to Spring? I could drink a whole pitcher of this stuff. It is so pretty and absolutely delicious!!


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