Monday Munchies: Home Sweet Home Doughnut Shoppe- Great Barrington, MA

Home Sweet Home Doughnut Shoppe

This is an extra special edition of Monday Munchies! All because Price and I are now married! Ha! Well, the last 48 hours have been wonderful, but it’s extra special because we served doughnuts, stuffed croissants, quick breads, and breakfast sandwiches from Home Sweet Home Doughnut Shoppe at our Post-Wedding Breakfast.

Home Sweet Home Doughnut Shoppe_01 Home Sweet Home Doughnut Shoppe_02

Home Sweet Home Doughnut Shoppe_03

Back in early March we went to a luncheon at Crissey Farm, our venue, which allowed us to check out different shops in the area. Almost across the street from the hotel we would be staying at during the wedding weekend, we noticed the Home Sweet Home Doughnut Shoppe. We stopped in there to check them out as an option for our Post-Wedding Breakfast.

Home Sweet Home Doughnut Shoppe_04 Home Sweet Home Doughnut Shoppe_05

Home Sweet Home Doughnut Shoppe_06

We enjoyed our doughnuts that we grabbed that day that we decided that they would be a great fit for the Post-Wedding Breakfast. So I began the process of working with John, the owner, on creating a wonderful Post-Wedding Breakfast.

Through an exchange of emails we settled on 3 dozen donuts, a dozen of their stuffed croissants, 4 quick breads, and 40 breakfast sandwiches. I was so excited for the breakfast!

Home Sweet Home Doughnut Shoppe_07 Home Sweet Home Doughnut Shoppe_08

Home Sweet Home Doughnut Shoppe_09

Home Sweet Home Doughnut Shoppe_10 Home Sweet Home Doughnut Shoppe_11

Autumn and I stopped by the morning of the wedding to confirm and pay for our order. She was treated to some doughnut holes. Such a treat!

Autumn enjoyed the doughnut holes, running around the adorable shop, and checking out their doughnut themed books. Totally adorable. She loved it all.

Home Sweet Home Doughnut Shoppe_12

Home Sweet Home Doughnut Shoppe_13 Home Sweet Home Doughnut Shoppe_14

And just as much, everyone loved the Post-Wedding Breakfast too!

I added some fruit and yogurt to the mix as well, but the shining stars of the breakfast were the goodies from Home Sweet Home Doughnut Shoppe.

Home Sweet Home Doughnut Shoppe_15 Home Sweet Home Doughnut Shoppe_16

Home Sweet Home Doughnut Shoppe_17

As Price and I were doing our final visits with family and friends, we didn’t get to really sit down to enjoy breakfast then so we took the bit of extras home with us to munch on Sunday and Monday. It was perfect how we didn’t have to stop for lunch on the ride home or worry about dinner. Donuts for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! HA!!

They had a wide selection of donuts including the classics like Glazed, Boston Creme, Chocolate Glazed with Sprinkles, but that’s just scratching the surface of their flavors as they also have a Salted Caramel, Key Lime, and Blueberry Sour Cream. From the plain cake donuts to the stuffed ones to the bite sized doughnut holes, they have it all!

Home Sweet Home Doughnut Shoppe_18 Home Sweet Home Doughnut Shoppe_19

Everything that we had was really awesome. The texture of the different kinds of doughnuts from the yeast based ones to the cake ones. The flavors were just as awesome. The Salted Maple was my favorite as it was a light doughnut that was covered in a generous layer of maple glaze and topped off with a sprinkling of salt.

The sweet and savory stuffed croissants really incredible too. I was really blow away with how stuffed they actually were. I’ve had stuffed croissants before when there is some chocolate in them but these were jam packed full with chocolate in them. Plus, there was a chocolate drizzle on top. OMG, can’t beat it!

And the Zucchini Walnut and the Triple Berry quick breads got rave reviews at our breakfast too. I loved the fresh flavors in both but the crumble on the Triple Berry Bread was what made it my favorite.

Home Sweet Home Doughnut Shoppe_20 Home Sweet Home Doughnut Shoppe_21

Home Sweet Home Doughnut Shoppe_22 Home Sweet Home Doughnut Shoppe_23

I love places like Home Sweet Home Doughnut Shoppe. Cute, down home places that create amazing products. Doughnuts are simple, but it means that you can’t hide behind anything. What you see is what you get! And when you shop here you get yummy donuts at an affordable price!

Home Sweet Home Doughnut Shoppe_24

While they don’t have a website, you can like them on Facebook or check them out on Yelp. They have some really great reviews!

When you’re visiting the Berkshires be sure to stop by for a doughnut. You’ll love it!!

Home Sweet Home Doughnut Shoppe

258 Stockbridge Rd

Great Barrington, Massachusetts

 (413) 717-4144


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