Monday Munchies: Zo – Boston, MA

Zo Boston_07

When I was in college I took an Architectural Preservation class that involved a 10 day trip to Greece. It was one of the best experiences I could have asked for. It was the perfect combination of a bunch of relative strangers in a foreign country touring world heritage sites, eating amazing food, and drinking great wine. There was no debauchery at all… nope, none…

Well, when I came back I was really missing the food I had in Greece. Freshly made salads, great sandwiches, and of course awesome juicy gyros.

Zo Boston_01 Zo Boston_02

Zo in Boston has filled that void in my heart and stomach. I was giddy when they opened their first location just outside my office building. And I was twice as excited when I took my first bite of a gyro.

Let’s take a moment to talk about how to properly say ‘GYRO’. It is NOT like the spinning top gyroscope. I hear this the majority of the time it it makes my hair get prickly. You correctly say gyro as if you are saying ‘year-o’.

Anyway, they have authentic, fresh food.

Zo Boston_06 Zo Boston_08

I enjoy everything from Zo, but my hands-down favorite is their Chicken Gyro ($8). I always order it with extra tzatziki sauce on it.

I’m pretty sure that their tzatziki sauce is the only thing that I eat with dill. I really, really dislike dill, but their tzatziki sauce is so luscious and incredible I completely forget my hatred of dill when I’m eating it. Really, I love it so much that I ask for extra sauce on my gryo. Incredible!

Zo Boston_09

They also make their gyros with lean pork ($8) that has been roasted on the traditional rotisserie, which is how the gyro got it’s name as it translates to mean ‘turn’.

Zo Boston_03

You can get their chicken or pork on their salads too. I love that they make them fresh to order as I don’t like olives, but I love their Greek salads, so I just ask for it without olives. Their different salads ($6 – 7.50) are made with fresh greens, vegetables, and cheese. You can add meat for $2.

Zo Boston_04

I also really enjoy their Spanakopitas ($5). The spinach pies are tender, flaky, and stuffed full with spinach and feta. They shape their pies in squares which I think is awesome as so many places make them triangular and then you end up with 2 points that are just phylo and no filling. This way you get the spinach filling in every bite.

Zo Boston_05

They also serve up several soups ($5 for 12 ounces, $6 for 16 ounces). I love the Greek classic Avgolemono, which is a lemony chicken and rich soup. It’s very, very salty but very very rich and good. It’s so comforting in the long brutal winters up here. My friend swears by their lamb chili and vegetable lentil soup. All of their soups and stews are served with a side of their fluffy pita.

And don’t then you can treat yourself to some Baklava! You can get a sweet Greek dessert for just $3. Sometimes I just skip lunch and get some to have for tea when I’m having ‘just one of those days!’

Both of their locations are small so it’s best to get your order to go. In the summer their are tables set up outside their Center Plaza location. I really suggest that if you stop by their State Street location that you grab your lunch to go and take a short walk over to the Rose Kennedy Greenway to grab a seat on a bench or just grab some grass.

If you’re in Boston I strongly suggest that you visit Zo for lunch. It will transport you to Greece for your lunch break. Enjoy!

Zo – Authentic Gyros

Government Center Location 

3 Center Plaza

Boston, MA 02109


Faneuil Hall  Location

92 State Street

Boston, MA 02108




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