Whole30 #2 Recap and Why We’re Doing Whole30 AGAIN!


This post is long over due!

Price and I did our first Whole30 back in February and then did another in April. I’ve been meaning to share our results, but I was kinda busy (err wedding, work deadlines, life in general, etc, etc!!!).

It was another great experience. It was nice to accomplish it together again too. Although it’s more than losing weight, we both lost more weight in the process, which was nice for our wedding that was 6 weeks away. We felt great which was awesome too!

So without further ado… The Results!!

Nicole Whole30 April 2015 AFTER

My After… I lost 4.7 pounds during that month and was feeling great!! It meant I hit the 65 pound weight loss mark from my pre-pregnancy weight. Woohoo!

But it was more than that. I was feeling good as I was sleeping well, eating well, staying hydrated, and being active.

Nicole Whole30 Progress Post Whole30 2

My overall progress from when we kicked things off on February 2nd

I am really happy that the eating habits that I have picked up along the way while doing the Whole30 program. It has taught me a lot about foods I tend to reach food, what cravings to avoid, and what will make me continue to feel good throughout the day.

So why again?

Because we love it and have no self control!

While we were on our way up to Maine for the 4th of July, we stopped off at Sonic where we promptly ordered our favorite mega drinks (P- Dr Pepper with a shot of vanilla, N- Sugar Free Lime Rickey) and delightfully fried foods. Yes, this was vacation and we were on the road so it was a grand treat but we knew we were going to have a weekend of eating and drinking ahead of us. And then we were afraid we would treat every weekend or occasion as another grand excuse to eat and drink ourselves silly.

That can totally work for some people, but not for us. (hello, lapsed gym membership!) So as we shoved tots and onion rings into our mouths we said we would do another round of Whole30 so we could stay on track this summer.

Price has an upcoming wedding he is in on August 22nd, so he would like to fit into the suit… duh! And I have an awesome week long stay on the Cape with my family, which I know will just mean food, food, and more food. yay!!!

We are both looking forward to our things, but wanted to watch what we ate before then so we could enjoy them. Beers, S’mores, and all!

So we are started our 3rd Whole30 journey again on Monday July 20th!

Let’s kick all that off with the dreaded Before Photos!

Nicole Whole30 #3 Before

I maintained my weight since April so there really isn’t a big change from those after photos and these before photos.

I have just cracked into the healthy BMI range (24.7). Yay! Yay? Truthfully, I think it’s a crock of shit. I comfortably wear size 2/4 jeans (old navy & gap), wear a 32B bra, and everything is a size small now with the exception of a few mediums because I want a looser fit for the style of the top. Whatever.

My biggest obstacle is now having to tighten up. Arms, Legs, Abs, ALL OF IT. ugh. But I’ll get there, or maybe I won’t. At least I’m feeling great now.


You can read all about my different Whole30 journeys and be sure to stay tuned to my upcoming logs where I will be sharing my yummy food and how I’m feeling during this process!


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