The $5 Noodle Pool

The $5 Noodle Pool Project

Autumn loves the little kiddie pool that we set up for her on warm weekend days.

We fill up the pool first thing in the morning so that the water warms up as the day warms up. Then it’s perfect for her to splash around in for hours and hours. She takes tons of toys in there, which get thrown in and out over and over again.

The $5 Noodle Pool Project_02

I wanted to change things up from the normal little cups, buckets, measuring spoons, and squishy balls that she normally plays with, so I grabbed

I headed over to my local Dollar Tree for some $1 noodles.

I grabbed 4 of them as I wanted to have plenty in the pool, but enough room for her to play around in it too.

The $5 Noodle Pool Project_03

And then I saw a $1 mesh laundry bag. It would work perfectly as a storage bag for the noodles when we were not using them. It was a great size and it would allow the noodles to dry out too as it was a mesh bag.

And it made it a $5 project!

The $5 Noodle Pool Project_04

Step 1: Buy 4 noodles & bag.

The $5 Noodle Pool Project_05

Step 2: Cut noodles into 3″ long piece.

The $5 Noodle Pool Project_08

Step 3: Put noodles in pool.

The $5 Noodle Pool Project_01

Step 4: Have fun!!

She loves playing around with the noodles!

She would take them in and out of the pool. And, most of all, splash around like crazy. Autumn would push them and then watch them bob around atop her little waves.

The $5 Noodle Pool Project_06 The $5 Noodle Pool Project_07

A great little project!




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