Farm Feedery Lunch Delivery: Review

Farm Feedery Review

What do you do when you are so completely bored with your typical lunches at work? Is the sub down the road feeling plain? Or is the big burrito just too heavy?

What Blue Apron is doing for dinners, Farm Feedery is doing for lunches here in Boston!!! But the best part is that you don’t have to dirty any dishes as they deliver your prepared meal right to you at work. And they are in compostable containers. I freaking love that.

Farm Feedery Review

I had the pleasure of trying out Farm Feedery a few months ago for some lunches. I am a big, big fan of bringing my own lunches to work. It helps me save money, but the reality is that I quickly fall into the same ruts of making the salads and eating leftovers. So boring. And then I start skipping making lunch at home so I have to go out to lunch. Pretty soon spending $8-11 for a sandwich, burrito, burger, or salad gets annoying. And boring. I’ve worked in the same office for the past 8 years so I even get tired of the restaurants and cafes around there.

Farm Feedery Review-2

I completely loved the meals that I sampled from Farm Feedery!

The first one that I dove into was the Orecchiette with Asparagus and Goat Cheese. Fresh vegetables with a mellow sauce and pieces of tangy goat cheese… bliss!! The asparagus was cooked perfectly, even holding up to reheating. Similarly, I felt the pasta held up well to being reheated, which can sometimes get chewy, but not this.

I found that this meal was rather large(for me, for lunch). It could easily have been split into 2 lunches, and supplemented with a piece of fruit. It felt like such a great deal for the portion and the quality of the lunch.

Farm Feedery Review-3 Farm Feedery Review-4

They serve their meals in compostable containers with clear instructions on how to properly reheat each meal. Also, I love how they calculate the nutrition facts for all of their meals.

While they can’t promise to be allergy (nut, gluten, diary) free, they do they include all of the ingredients in their meals, which I find helpful.

Side note: You might notice that all the packaging sayings ‘Farmavore’, well I received my lunches when they were just starting out, and since they recently just changed their name then. But don’t fret it’s the same company, and you be getting great meals like these if you signed up for Farm Feedery!

Farm Feedery Review-5 Farm Feedery Review-6

Farm Feedery was founded with the idea of creating nutritious, delicious, affordable food from local, sustainable agriculture. They are passionate about supporting local agriculture whenever possible. As well, much of the food comes out of their own farm!  With so much experience with growing their own foods they are able to plan fresh seasonal meals.

They are a subscription based service so you can customize your preferences to have 1, 3 or 5 meals a week delivered to your office. Rates vary from $10- $14 dollars a meal, depending on the plan, with the best deal being the 5 meal plan. The chef, who has over a decade of hospitality and catering experience from running her own catering shop, works to create meals are developed and prepared based upon your preferences, like if you prefer meat or not, or any other dietary restrictions. (I’d be putting in big bold letters that I hate, hate, hate olives!)

Farm Feedery Review-7

The other meal that I tried was the Asian Chicken over Rice Noodles.

I actually brought this home for dinner as my day was so hectic. I had planned on eating this while giving Autumn a bath (multitask-er for life!) but things got hectic and after a few bites I had to immediately return to work for a mini crisis. Lucky Price now had a delicious dinner.

Farm Feedery Review-8 Farm Feedery Review-9

While I enjoyed a few bites, Price really was able to dive in and savor every bite. So not fair! Right off the bat, he thought the chicken was seasoned really well and was cooked perfectly. The veggies had a nice crunch which provided a nice contrast in texture from the soft, tender rice noodles.  The sauce is what really tied the dish together. The fish sauce in the dressing really packed a flavorful umami punch.

Farm Feedery Review-10

You know when you order a salad with some toppings and you get a bunch of greens and an intensely small amount of topping?  You can forget all that with this salad.  Price said nearly ever bit had peanuts, basil, carrot,  onion, and shaved carrots along with  rice noodles and the lovely chicken.

Just look at this salad.  It looks light, fresh, and tasty.

Farm Feedery Review-11

I highly suggest checking out Farm Feedery if you work in the Boston and Cambridge areas. Their sample menus are really impressive, so I’m sure you’ll enjoy your lunch and lunch break.

 Now just step away from that computer, take a walk outside, grab some grass (I suggest PO Sq!), and enjoy every bite.


Enter in “HONEYBEE” for $25 of you first week you sign up!!


While I received complimentary Farm Feedery meals to sample, all opinions are honest.


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