Dear Autumn @ 21 months

Dear Autumn at 21 Months

August 2015

Dear Autumn,

Just when I think every month is the best, you prove me wrong. This past month has been amazing.

The thing that I most interesting and amusing is how quickly you are picking up different words. You are a little parrot! Mommy is going to have to cut out the swearing ASAP! You repeat everything that we say to you, so you are learning new words so quickly. The best is that you are learning in English and Spanish. It’s tough when we don’t understand what you say in Spanish, but we usually figure it out together! I love how you try to put little sentences together, well 2-word ones, but still so awesome. “Open it!” “Close it!” “It’s Broken” “mass (yo)gurt!” “Please mass!” But I swear the best is “Tank you Mommy!” I die!

You are fiercly independent about somethings, like picking out the shoes you want to wear. Oh dear, you love shoes so much. It’s a bit of a struggle when we are shopping as you bee-line it to the first rack of shoes you see and you start to try on shoes. One time you sat in front of a rack of infant boys shoes. It was quite funny to watch you try to get your feet into newborn slippers. But, I can’t dare trying to help, unless you ask for it, otherwise you have big mellow dramatic tantrums. Yikes!

I love when I get you from daycare as you are so excited to see me, head home, and see Kemper. You say goodbye to all your friends, grab my hand, and we begin out walk down the hill to get to our house. I love the way your little, sweet voice when you say “hi, mommy!”.

It’s been a busy, fun month, but I think all of them when it comes down to it. At least we try our hardest to stick to your nap and bed time schedule, which keeps you in a happy mood. I am dreading when you ditch your morning nap, and just do an afternoon one. I feel that will happen sooner than we would like. Slow down!!

We have a lot planned for this next month! I can’t wait!!

I love you!



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