A Day in Provincetown

A Day in Provincetown

The Provincetown Fast Ferry from Boston Harbor Cruises takes just 90 minutes from the docks of Boston to Provincetown. 90 minutes of blue waters, crisp salty air, and fun!

We took the 9am ferry from Boston to P-town a few weekend’s ago. We’ve been talking about it for ages and finally managed to make it work. I’m so glad we did. The weather was beautiful in the 80’s and the skies were bright and blue.

A Day in Provincetown_01 A Day in Provincetown-02

I wore Autumn for most of the boat ride in our Ergo. It kept her in there so she would relax since she didn’t nap in the morning at her typical time. Plus, I knew she was safe and sound in my arms on a very crowded boat.

A Day in Provincetown-03 A Day in Provincetown-04

Once we got to P-town, we checked out the area closest to the pier where the ferry came in. Immediately falling in love with the area. Charming details, cute stores and restaurants, and happy people. It all felt so sweet.

A Day in Provincetown-05

A Day in Provincetown-06 A Day in Provincetown-07

Of course, we quickly stopped off at the beach!

A Day in Provincetown-08

A Day in Provincetown-09 A Day in Provincetown-10

There was a charming little beach just next to the long pier we walked into town on. There are beautiful beaches in the area, but we just hung around here for a few minutes so Autumn could dip her toes in the water. She loved it!

A Day in Provincetown-11 A Day in Provincetown-12

A Day in Provincetown-13

Autumn eventually fell asleep in her stroller as we walked all around Commercial Street checking out the stores and galleries.

A Day in Provincetown-14 A Day in Provincetown-15

There was a farmer’s market set up next to City Hall so we stopped there to relax our feet and catch some shade while Autumn napped in the stroller.

We also grabbed some Farmer Willie’s Ginger Beer. It is alcoholic so it backs a bit of a gingery and boozy punch. Sadly, it’s only available on Cape Cod, so I will have to stock up at the next chance I get.

A Day in Provincetown-16

I mean, come on, this is just so damn adorable!!!

A Day in Provincetown-17 A Day in Provincetown-18

A Day in Provincetown-19

We wanted to go to the Lobster Pot but they didn’t have a patio and we really wanted to enjoy the beautiful weather, so we headed over to the Governor Bradford Restaurant after Autumn woke up from her nap.

It worked out perfectly as Autumn loved her clam chowder. It was her first time trying it and she absolutely loved it. So cute!!

A Day in Provincetown-20 A Day in Provincetown-21

A Day in Provincetown-22

P-town is well known for its acceptance of the LGBT community. There are several events throughout the year, especially during the summer, focused on and hosted by the LGBT community. Unfortunately there were no major activities that weekend for us to watch or participate in.

A Day in Provincetown-23 A Day in Provincetown-24

Autumn’s first experience with facing painting was met with mixed reviews- she loved it but her expression of disdain was priceless. Of course I couldn’t miss another chance to see that scowl so I rushed her over to her to face painted at the vendors in town. Fortunately, she enjoyed it and, unfortunately for me, no scowl.

A Day in Provincetown-25

Damn, I love this kid so much!

A Day in Provincetown-26

Besides just walking around and enjoying the day, we had the goal of getting some ice cream. Perfectly refreshing during the summer!

We found the most adorable gelato place that had an adorable girl scooping up the gelato. She was very sweet and very generous

A Day in Provincetown-27 A Day in Provincetown-28

Oh my goodness P-Town, you’re awesome.

This guy had several outfit changes throughout the day to showcase his fabulous style while promoting a show that night. It was fun every time we saw him around town promoting a show happening later that night.

A Day in Provincetown-29 A Day in Provincetown-30

A Day in Provincetown-31

Such a sweet little Daddy’s girl!

A Day in Provincetown-32

Our time in Provincetown wrapped up when we took the 4pm ferry back to Boston. Autumn ate a quick dinner and crashed from the fun filled day. We skipped the normal bathtime routine and she went to bed with the face paint on. Ha!

I highly suggest that everyone visits Provincetown if they have the chance. So much fun!


2 thoughts on “A Day in Provincetown

  1. mom says:

    What a wonderful day. I love reading about what u guys are doing the photos are great
    the landmarks are neat
    Dad and I took u there when u were young
    good memories P TOWN is neat


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