9.4-7: Labor Day Weekend Recap

{Friday Night}

Get Autumn from daycare | Pork lion on the grill for dinner | Pricer gets home | Bed by 10pm

150908_weekend recap_01 150908_weekend recap_02

150908_weekend recap_03


Autumn sleeps terribly | Breakfast  – Eggs and bacon | Off to Tougas Farm | Lunch in Hudson, MA – Rail Trail | New City Microcreamery | Go to bed early

150908_weekend recap_04

150908_weekend recap_05 150908_weekend recap_06

150908_weekend recap_07

150908_weekend recap_08 150908_weekend recap_09

150908_weekend recap_10

150908_weekend recap_11 150908_weekend recap_12

150908_weekend recap_13

150908_weekend recap_14


Autumn sleeps terribly again… | up at 5.30 w Autumn | Mickey Mouse Clubhouse X 2 | apple cider donuts for breakfast | Price mows the lawn and pulls weeds | Trip to Lowes for mums | Autumns doesn’t want to plant flowers | Autumn naps 1-2 | make lasagnas | Drunken Spicy Queso dip for race | Watch NASCAR Race | Bed at 1030pm

150908_weekend recap_15 150908_weekend recap_16


up early | Price made breakfast | Prices goes to Home Depot and Stop and Shop | Taco Bell for lunch | Autumn naps 12.30 – 2pm |Autumn plays in the pool | kitchen clean up | Shopping with Autumn at Old Navy |  Price made dinner – Blue Apron catfish dinner | photo editing – sooo slow!! | watch DVR’s shows/movie | bed at 10.45

150908_weekend recap_17 150908_weekend recap_18

150908_weekend recap_19 150908_weekend recap_20

150908_weekend recap_21

150908_weekend recap_22 150908_weekend recap_23

150908_weekend recap_24

150908_weekend recap_25


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