Apple and Peach Picking At Tougas Family Farm- Northboro, MA

Apple Picking_Tougas Family Farm-1

This past weekend was really wonderful. Not just because it was Labor Day but because we to Tougas Family Farm in Northboro, MA.

We are moving to Florida next spring so I am determined to do as many Autumn related things here in New England. I really love the fall, but then my dreaded winter comes. So I’m soaking up every possible thing that we can do like apple picking, pumpkin picking, watching the Head of The Charles, go leaf peeping, and much, much more.

Apple Picking_Tougas Family Farm-4

We kicked off the Autumn related activities with some apple picking. Thankfully, I found Tougas Family Farm, which also had peach and nectarine picking available. I couldn’t have asked for a better day as we were able to pick all 3 fruits.

As the farm is 45-60 minutes from Boston, we timed our departure with Autumn’s normal morning nap time. It worked out perfectly!

Apple Picking_Tougas Family Farm-2 Apple Picking_Tougas Family Farm-3

We arrived in great time just after it opened at 10am to get in line to purchase our box ($36 for a 1/2 bushel, approximately 20 pounds of fruit) that we would fill up with our treasures.

Apple Picking_Tougas Family Farm-6 Apple Picking_Tougas Family Farm-5

From there, we got in line for a short tractor pulled wagon ride to the fields. The first stop had 2 varieties of apples for picking, but everyone on a wagon opted to just go to the 2nd stop where there were apples, peaches, and nectarines available for picking.

Apple Picking_Tougas Family Farm-7

I highly suggest some babywearing for apple picking.

It can be a lot of walking for little legs so babywearing helps you carry your kiddo while your arms are still free for picking and carrying around your box of fruit. Plus, then you don’t have to juggle with getting a stroller on and off the wagon.

Apple Picking_Tougas Family Farm-10

We started with picking Ginger Golds which are great eating apples, as well as baking apples as they hold their shape well.

Apple Picking_Tougas Family Farm-8 Apple Picking_Tougas Family Farm-9

After picking some massive Ginger Golds, we headed up a few rows to get the New England Classic, the McIntosh. They are are great all around apple for eating and baking. They are great for pies and that is my #1 priority when it comes to apple picking as I love fall baking.

Apple Picking_Tougas Family Farm-11

Apple Picking_Tougas Family Farm-12 Apple Picking_Tougas Family Farm-13

We started picking apples first as they are sturdier fruits compared to peaches and nectarines, so we filled the bottom of the box up with our apples first, to then place the peaches and nectarines on top of them.

Apple Picking_Tougas Family Farm-14 Apple Picking_Tougas Family Farm-15

Autumn loved picking the fruit with us. She was very delicate with them from picking them on the tree to putting them in the box. She would light up with each fruit picked.

Apple Picking_Tougas Family Farm-16

Apple Picking_Tougas Family Farm-17 Apple Picking_Tougas Family Farm-18

Autumn ate plenty of fruit at the farm, but continued her attempt at eating our 1/2 bushel  for the rest of the long weekend but walking over to the box on the counter to request a ‘beach!!’. After inhaling the sweet fruit, she would come to me with the pit, then sign for ‘more’ while saying ‘mas beach!!!’.

Apple Picking_Tougas Family Farm-19

Tougas Family Farm has both White and Yellow peaches. Yellow are my favorite but you can’t go wrong with any fruit freshly picked from the tree.

Apple Picking_Tougas Family Farm-20 Apple Picking_Tougas Family Farm-21

Apple Picking_Tougas Family Farm-22

Movin’ to the country,
gonna eat a lot of peaches.

Apple Picking_Tougas Family Farm-24

They had ladders available to help you pick fruit that is out of arms reach. We though this was really helpful, as a lot of farms we’ve been do don’t offer ladders. This way we would easily could carefully reach a lot of sun ripened fruit. Plus, there is something extra fun about climbing a ladder to get a piece of fruit.

Apple Picking_Tougas Family Farm-23 Apple Picking_Tougas Family Farm-25

Apple Picking_Tougas Family Farm-26

Apple Picking_Tougas Family Farm-27 Apple Picking_Tougas Family Farm-28

Autumn was very proud of the fruit she picked. She carried this peach around like a baby for a long time!

Apple Picking_Tougas Family Farm-29 Apple Picking_Tougas Family Farm-30

Apple Picking_Tougas Family Farm-32

After we filled our box, we headed back to the farm via wagon ride, to put the box in the car and check out the farm animals and the farm store.

Apple Picking_Tougas Family Farm-36

A quick stop at the large playground for some swing action and then we were were off to the farm.

Apple Picking_Tougas Family Farm-34

The goats there are very friendly as kids, and adults alike, can feed the goats pellets ($1) directly from their hands. Autumn was basically freaked out by them, so she watched them cautiously in Price’s arms.

Price made fast friends with a goat who loved being rubbed on his head and back.

Apple Picking_Tougas Family Farm-33 Apple Picking_Tougas Family Farm-35

Apple Picking_Tougas Family Farm-38 Apple Picking_Tougas Family Farm-39

Apple Picking_Tougas Family Farm-40

I tried very hard to convince this chicken that it wanted to come home with us, but as chicken as, she was very stubborn and refused all my offers.

The pig ignored me as well.

Apple Picking_Tougas Family Farm-37

Lastly, we stopped by the farm store for some apple cider donuts.

They also had picked fruit, jams, and prepared foods available for take out and for picnicking while at the farm.

Apple Picking_Tougas Family Farm-41

Apple cider donuts are my Achilles heel. And it appears that they are Autumn’s as well. I guess the saying is right, “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!!!” She

Apple Picking_Tougas Family Farm-31

Such a wonderful day together!!

Tougas Family Farm

246 Ball Street

Northboro, MA 01532



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