Our Wedding Pictures: Portraits

Taggart Wedding_2015-82

Soon after the ceremony, during the cocktail hour, we were whisked away to take photos together.  Luckily there were several areas around our wedding ceremony and reception  venue Crissey Farm for cute photo opps.

First we started in a little meadow highlighting the beauty of Berkshires in the background.

Taggart Wedding_2015-83

The main photographer, Danielle, owner of Lefebvre Photo, was wonderful at directing us throughout the photo session. She gave clear direction as to where we should stand, look, and lean to get well composed photos.

Taggart Wedding_2015-84 Taggart Wedding_2015-85

Taggart Wedding_2015-86

Plus we had fun, when when she yelled “now pick up your bride!”  And we got this gem!!!

Taggart Wedding_2015-87 Taggart Wedding_2015-88

Taggart Wedding_2015-89

Taggart Wedding_2015-90 Taggart Wedding_2015-91

After our quick stroll in the meadow and a check for ticks (yes, I had one on the tulle of my dress) we headed to the front of Crissey Farm and then around the rest of the property.

Taggart Wedding_2015-93

Taggart Wedding_2015-92 Taggart Wedding_2015-94

Taggart Wedding_2015-95

And under the trellis again.

Taggart Wedding_2015-97

Taggart Wedding_2015-96

Taggart Wedding_2015-98

The neighboring restaurant had a wonderful back yard with nice blue grey siding and thick, lush ivy making for another great background for photos.

Taggart Wedding_2015-101 Taggart Wedding_2015-102

Taggart Wedding_2015-100

There even was a red barn on the edge of the property.

Love the contrast of the rough exterior to our clothing. So fun.

Taggart Wedding_2015-103

Taggart Wedding_2015-104

Even risking grass stains for some great photos was worth it.

Taggart Wedding_2015-105

A fun one of of feet showing off my mermaid tattoo and Price’s argyle socks.

Taggart Wedding_2015-108 Taggart Wedding_2015-107

The final photos we on a stone wall with wild flowers in the background.

Taggart Wedding_2015-106

I can’t wait to get these photos developed so we can frame them and feature them in our house.

More pictures to come!


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