Our Pictures: Wedding Speeches, Cake, and Dancing

Taggart Wedding_2015-163

The wedding was exactly what we were looking for with a laid back dinner and lots of dancing.  We worked hard to have the night relaxed and fun and guests, and I think we achieved it.

These last photos of our wedding highlight the fun that we had during the speeches and dancing. Enjoy!

Taggart Wedding_2015-164 Taggart Wedding_2015-165

While people were finishing up their dinners we got up to say thanks to our family and friends for coming to celebrate this new chapter in our lives together.

And then we welcomed up my sister to give her Matron of Honor Speech.

Taggart Wedding_2015-166 Taggart Wedding_2015-167

Taggart Wedding_2015-168

I am not a fan of speeches or particularly being the center of attention in instances like that. They really make me anxious so Price and I agreed that my sister and his brother would be the only ones giving speeches. The parents were warned of consequences (me full body tackling them), repeatedly.

She wrote a lovely speech about having a fun and loving successful relationship and marriage. She has been married for over 14 years so she gave Price some very important advice that works for them… the wife it always right! ha!

I have reread her speech several times since then the wedding since she gave us her speech. I love it. I totally need to get it framed.

Taggart Wedding_2015-169 Taggart Wedding_2015-170

Taggart Wedding_2015-171

Cheers-ing with the wedding ‘theme’ matching personalized Mason Jar glasses she gifted to us. Love it!

Taggart Wedding_2015-172 Taggart Wedding_2015-173

Taggart Wedding_2015-174

And then it was Price’s brother’s turn to give his Best Man Speech.

Taggart Wedding_2015-175 Taggart Wedding_2015-176

Taggart Wedding_2015-177

Chase basically roasted all the Taggarts.

Taggart Wedding_2015-178 Taggart Wedding_2015-179

Taggart Wedding_2015-180

While everyone was recovering from Chase’s hilarious speech, we took a moment to cut our cake and give each other a bite.

Our venue, Crissey Farm, is attached to the Great Barrington Brewery, which is well known for their Chocolate Stout Cake. The chef who runs the Brewery kichenalso runs the Crissey Farm catering kitchen, so we worked with her to modify the signature recipe a bit to get the cake we were dreaming of. The look and taste were just perfect!

Taggart Wedding_2015-181

We are moving before our 1 year anniversary and it will just be too tricky to transport the frozen top tier of the cake, so we have decided to eat it the night before we move. I suggested at the 6 month anniversary, but Price suggested the night before the move as a great send off to one chapter in our life and to welcome a new one. So sweet, I just wanted to eat the cake again ASAP! HA!

Taggart Wedding_2015-182

Taggart Wedding_2015-183 Taggart Wedding_2015-184

Taggart Wedding_2015-185

To kick off the night of dancing, my dad and I then did our Father Daughter Dance.

I had selected the song “That’s My Daughter in The Water” by Loudon Wainwright. I first heard it at the end of Knocked Up and I loved it ever since. It’s just such a sweet song.

Taggart Wedding_2015-186

And then the dancing!!!!!!!

My addable niece Cara cut a rug the whole night. She partied hard dancing around all the cousins and adults.

Taggart Wedding_2015-187

Besides our wedding cake, we served small bite served desserts so people could sample a variety of things depending on their preferences. Also, you could grab something and run right to the dance floor!

Taggart Wedding_2015-188 Taggart Wedding_2015-189

Taggart Wedding_2015-190

While these photos are bright from the photographer’s flashes, the room was dark as we turned off the main hall lights and just had some accent lights on low. Just a FYI…

Taggart Wedding_2015-191 Taggart Wedding_2015-192

Taggart Wedding_2015-193 Taggart Wedding_2015-194

Taggart Wedding_2015-195

One of my favorite photos of the night. Love Megan and Sarah!

Taggart Wedding_2015-196 Taggart Wedding_2015-197

Taggart Wedding_2015-198

Throughout the night we had different playlists to match the music with the mood, so for the dance portion of the wedding we amped things up with our “DANCE EXPLOSION” playlist to get everyone dancing.

Taggart Wedding_2015-199 Taggart Wedding_2015-200

Taggart Wedding_2015-201 Taggart Wedding_2015-202

Taggart Wedding_2015-203

Taggart Wedding_2015-204 Taggart Wedding_2015-205

Taggart Wedding_2015-206

Taggart Wedding_2015-207

Taggart Wedding_2015-208 Taggart Wedding_2015-209

Taggart Wedding_2015-210 Taggart Wedding_2015-211

Taggart Wedding_2015-212

Taggart Wedding_2015-213

We have out glow in the dark necklaces and bracelets.

They were a big hit with everyone, especially the kids. They were a fun accessory to dance around with.

Taggart Wedding_2015-214

Taggart Wedding_2015-215 Taggart Wedding_2015-216

Taggart Wedding_2015-217

Taggart Wedding_2015-218 Taggart Wedding_2015-219

Taggart Wedding_2015-220

The Gensler Crew!!!!

Taggart Wedding_2015-222 Taggart Wedding_2015-223

Taggart Wedding_2015-224 Taggart Wedding_2015-225

Taggart Wedding_2015-226 Taggart Wedding_2015-227

Taggart Wedding_2015-228

Taggart Wedding_2015-229

Taggart Wedding_2015-230

We also gave out flip flops for anyone who wanted to use them. Just kick off your shoes, slap on some flip flops, and get comfortable to dance!

Taggart Wedding_2015-231 Taggart Wedding_2015-232

Taggart Wedding_2015-233 Taggart Wedding_2015-234

Taggart Wedding_2015-235

Taggart Wedding_2015-236

Our last dance song was “Sweet Caroline” by Neil Diamond.

It’s such a classic feel good song. It felt so right in us picking it as it’s practically the unofficial song of Boston, where we met.

 Taggart Wedding_2015-237 Taggart Wedding_2015-238

Taggart Wedding_2015-239 Taggart Wedding_2015-240

Taggart Wedding_2015-241

Taggart Wedding_2015-242

Taggart Wedding_2015-243

After the wedding a handful of us went to next door to Great Barrington Brewery to play some pool and dance around to music from the jute box. We closed out the bar too!


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Our Wedding Pictures: Cocktail Hour, Introductions, & First Dance

Taggart Wedding_2015-109

As we held our ceremony right outside the hall at our venue, our cocktail hour immediately followed our ceremony.

Everyone moved from outside to inside to enjoy some great food, drinks, and music while mingling to chat with old and new friends. We wanted this to be a nice relaxed time where we could enjoy getting to chat with our guests so we made it an extended cocktail ‘hour’ as it ran 1 hr and 45 minutes. It worked out perfectly.

Taggart Wedding_2015-110 Taggart Wedding_2015-111

Taggart Wedding_2015-112

Autumn with her awesome daycare teacher and her daughter.

Taggart Wedding_2015-113 Taggart Wedding_2015-114

Well, of course!

Taggart Wedding_2015-115 Taggart Wedding_2015-116

With my ‘Aunt’ Monica. She is my mom’s best friend and I love her to bits. Of course, she has so many embarrasing stories about me when I was younger. And I love hearing them over and over again. ha!!

Taggart Wedding_2015-117 Taggart Wedding_2015-118

Taggart Wedding_2015-119 Taggart Wedding_2015-120

Taggart Wedding_2015-121

Taggart Wedding_2015-122 Taggart Wedding_2015-123

Taggart Wedding_2015-124 Taggart Wedding_2015-125

Taggart Wedding_2015-126

I love how old friends got together again to catch up!

Taggart Wedding_2015-127 Taggart Wedding_2015-128

Taggart Wedding_2015-129 Taggart Wedding_2015-130

Taggart Wedding_2015-131

It meant to much to us that friends traveled near and far to join us for this special occasion.

Taggart Wedding_2015-132

Instead of a guest book, we set up a large frame on an easel that had a photo from our engagement session in it. People were able to write down messages to us. We are looking forward to swapping in a wedding photo in it and hanging it up in our bedroom.

Taggart Wedding_2015-133 Taggart Wedding_2015-134

Taggart Wedding_2015-135 Taggart Wedding_2015-136

Taggart Wedding_2015-137

Before we knew it, it was time for introductions!!

We grabbed our wedding party so we could make our formal introduction from the main entrance. Price and I selected the song ‘Celebration‘ by Kool and the Gang for everyone to walk dance in to. So much fun!!!

Taggart Wedding_2015-138

Bridesmaid Emily and Groomsman Chris!

Taggart Wedding_2015-139

Matron of Honor Kristen and Best Man Chase!

Taggart Wedding_2015-140 Taggart Wedding_2015-141

Taggart Wedding_2015-142

Oh man, I love this photo so much!!

Taggart Wedding_2015-143

We moved right into the First Dance.

Price and I picked a little known song called “Anchor” by Mindy Gledhill. The song is lovely, but the reason that we picked it was for the lyrics. Love.

Taggart Wedding_2015-144 Taggart Wedding_2015-145

Taggart Wedding_2015-146

“When all the world is spinning ‘round
Like a red balloon way up in the clouds
And my feet will not stay on the ground
You anchor me back down”

Taggart Wedding_2015-147 Taggart Wedding_2015-148

Taggart Wedding_2015-149

We wanted a fun transition from our First Dance song to get everyone to dance with us so we quickly transitioned into “Shut and Dance” by Walk The Moon and rang to grab everyone to pull them onto the dance floor.

Taggart Wedding_2015-150 Taggart Wedding_2015-151

Taggart Wedding_2015-152 Taggart Wedding_2015-153

Taggart Wedding_2015-154

It was so much fun to get the party started. I even ripped my dress from all the action! But nothing so bad that a stapler couldn’t fix!!

The dancing continued for a bit until it was time for dinner.

Taggart Wedding_2015-155 Taggart Wedding_2015-156

Taggart Wedding_2015-157

We wanted the whole wedding to have a nice relaxed feel so we picked delicious, fun things for the dinner, including a mashed potato bar! We also served a variety of sliders, grilled chicken breast, and roasted vegetables. Having everyone make their own plates allowed for everyone from the kids to the adults to select exactly what they wanted to enjoy.

Taggart Wedding_2015-158 Taggart Wedding_2015-159

Taggart Wedding_2015-160 Taggart Wedding_2015-161

Taggart Wedding_2015-162

There even was some dancing during dinner too. That’s what happens when “You & Me” from Dave Matthews Band comes on. Irresistible.

More photos to come!!


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Our Wedding Pictures: Portraits

Taggart Wedding_2015-82

Soon after the ceremony, during the cocktail hour, we were whisked away to take photos together.  Luckily there were several areas around our wedding ceremony and reception  venue Crissey Farm for cute photo opps.

First we started in a little meadow highlighting the beauty of Berkshires in the background.

Taggart Wedding_2015-83

The main photographer, Danielle, owner of Lefebvre Photo, was wonderful at directing us throughout the photo session. She gave clear direction as to where we should stand, look, and lean to get well composed photos.

Taggart Wedding_2015-84 Taggart Wedding_2015-85

Taggart Wedding_2015-86

Plus we had fun, when when she yelled “now pick up your bride!”  And we got this gem!!!

Taggart Wedding_2015-87 Taggart Wedding_2015-88

Taggart Wedding_2015-89

Taggart Wedding_2015-90 Taggart Wedding_2015-91

After our quick stroll in the meadow and a check for ticks (yes, I had one on the tulle of my dress) we headed to the front of Crissey Farm and then around the rest of the property.

Taggart Wedding_2015-93

Taggart Wedding_2015-92 Taggart Wedding_2015-94

Taggart Wedding_2015-95

And under the trellis again.

Taggart Wedding_2015-97

Taggart Wedding_2015-96

Taggart Wedding_2015-98

The neighboring restaurant had a wonderful back yard with nice blue grey siding and thick, lush ivy making for another great background for photos.

Taggart Wedding_2015-101 Taggart Wedding_2015-102

Taggart Wedding_2015-100

There even was a red barn on the edge of the property.

Love the contrast of the rough exterior to our clothing. So fun.

Taggart Wedding_2015-103

Taggart Wedding_2015-104

Even risking grass stains for some great photos was worth it.

Taggart Wedding_2015-105

A fun one of of feet showing off my mermaid tattoo and Price’s argyle socks.

Taggart Wedding_2015-108 Taggart Wedding_2015-107

The final photos we on a stone wall with wild flowers in the background.

Taggart Wedding_2015-106

I can’t wait to get these photos developed so we can frame them and feature them in our house.

More pictures to come!


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Our Wedding Pictures: Ceremony

Our Wedding Pictures: Getting Ready

Our Wedding Pictures: First Look

Our Wedding Pictures: Ceremony

Taggart Wedding_2015-49

The weather was beautiful on our wedding day, June 13, 2015, so we held our wedding ceremony on the side lawn at our venue, Crissey Farm. The setting was beautiful in front of their arbor that the venue helped us decorate with big white, yellow, and grey poms and lanterns.

Taggart Wedding_2015-50

The ceremony kicked off with our moms walking down together to take their seats. It was so sweet that they did this together.

Taggart Wedding_2015-51

Autumn was in the care of her amazing daycare teacher and her daughter for the day and night.

Taggart Wedding_2015-53 Taggart Wedding_2015-54

Taggart Wedding_2015-55

After my sister and my best friend walked down the aisle, my dad and I started to make our way down the aisle to “Falling in Love” by Ingrid Michealson.

Taggart Wedding_2015-56

Of course, Autumn wanted to join me on the walk down the aisle too. She joined us for the walk so that Price could give her a big hug and kiss before we started the ceremony.

 Taggart Wedding_2015-57 Taggart Wedding_2015-58

Hugs to my dad when the officiant asked if he would give me away.

Taggart Wedding_2015-59

Taggart Wedding_2015-60

We had originally planned on our family friend performing our ceremony as she is an officiant in New Hampshire, but temporarily transferring her officiant duties over to Massachusetts for the day was proving quite difficult. In the end we found an officiant available in the town where we were married, and settled on having Mary perform a reading for us.

Mary beautifully read the poem “The Key To Love”  (Author Unknown), which really meant so much to us.

Taggart Wedding_2015-61 Taggart Wedding_2015-62

Taggart Wedding_2015-63

We then said our vows to each other.

We wrote our own vows that were personal to us and our relationship. It felt so great to write them ourselves (even if I did it at the last minute!). It made our commitment to each other every more special as we mentioned special moments over our 10 year relationship in the vows.

Taggart Wedding_2015-64 Taggart Wedding_2015-65

Taggart Wedding_2015-66

Almost kissed!!!

After Price recited his vows we almost kissed!! It was just one of those reflexes that we naturally wanted to do after such a special moment. We both leaned in almost kissed but caught ourselves in the nick of time.

Taggart Wedding_2015-67

Taggart Wedding_2015-68

And then we exchanged our rings.

Taggart Wedding_2015-69 Taggart Wedding_2015-70

Oh, now you may kiss your bride!

Taggart Wedding_2015-71

We’re married!!!!!

Taggart Wedding_2015-72 Taggart Wedding_2015-73


We all headed into the venue to kick off cocktail hour with our family and friends.

Taggart Wedding_2015-79

But first we took some pictures with our wedding party and families.

Taggart Wedding_2015-74 Taggart Wedding_2015-75

 Taggart Wedding_2015-78

Taggart Wedding_2015-76 Taggart Wedding_2015-77

After our wedding portraits we got to mix and mingle with our wonderful guests during our cocktail hour.

Taggart Wedding_2015-80 Taggart Wedding_2015-81

More wonderful pictures taken by Lefebvre Photography to come!


And be sure not to miss the other photos we previously shared!

Our Wedding Pictures: Getting Ready

Our Wedding Pictures: First Look

Our Wedding Pictures: Our First Look

Taggart Wedding 2015-37


Ahh, more wedding photos that we love!!

Taggart Wedding 2015-25

We debated doing First Look photos for a bit.

I had always just though that you would see your future spouse all dressed up would be when the groom was up at the alter and when the bride was walking down the aisle was stuck in my head for the longest time. While Price liked the more intimate experience as opposed to having that moment when everyone is looking at you both.

Danielle, our photographer from LeFebvre Photography, explained that she shot plenty of both but felt that the ones when the couple did First Look photos went smoother as the couple was a bit more relaxed and they had that special moment together.

Taggart Wedding 2015-26

In the end we decided to do First Look photos, and I am so glad we did!

The guys came over from the hotel and took some pictures while we finished getting ready upstairs in the bridal suite at our venue, Crissey Farm. They did some fun photos and then we came down when we were all ready.

Taggart Wedding 2015-34 Taggart Wedding 2015-33

Price stood in front of the large fireplace with his back towards the stairs, so he wouldn’t see me coming down.

It was fun to approach Price from behind as he waited for me to come down. I couldn’t wait to give his shoulder a tap for him to turn around.

Taggart Wedding 2015-29

I’m really glad that we did first look photos as it was a more intimate experience than what it would have been for the big reveal, had we waited for the ceremony to begin. There was just 9 of us there (bride, groom, best man, groomsman, matron of honor, bridesmaid, friend who did my hair and make up, and the 2 photographers) so it was fun to experience that moment with Price, and with them.

Taggart Wedding 2015-28 Taggart Wedding 2015-31

Taggart Wedding 2015-27 Taggart Wedding 2015-32

Taggart Wedding 2015-30

We did this inside the venue, as opposed to outside, as the lighting wasn’t ideal. The sun was too bright as it was around 4pm so it would have cast some shadows on us. Plus, there was some last minute set up for the guests as they would start to arrive at 4.30.

Taggart Wedding 2015-41 Taggart Wedding 2015-35

Taggart Wedding 2015-38

Dang, I want this grand fireplace at my own house! It was so beautiful with the natural stone work and big wooden mantel. It was a lot fun decorating it too.

Taggart Wedding 2015-40 Taggart Wedding 2015-36

Taggart Wedding 2015-39

This was such a wonderful moment in a really magical day!

Taggart Wedding 2015-42

Since the guys took some group pictures prior to us coming down, we took a moment to take some pictures as well.

Taggart Wedding 2015-43 Taggart Wedding 2015-44

Taggart Wedding 2015-47

Then we headed back up stairs to wait until the ceremony would begin. And to do important things like take selfies.

Taggart Wedding 2015-45 Taggart Wedding 2015-46

Taggart Wedding 2015-48

And then it was game time…