Head of the Charles.2015

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The 51st running rowing of the Head of the Charles was held this past weekend. Since it was our last chance to see it before we move, we went to check it and cheer along with other bystanders out along the banks of the River Charles.

Head of the Charles_2015-02

Although both Price and I have been in Boston since 2003, neither of us had been to it. So when we were creating our Boston Bucket List, it just had to be included.

Head of the Charles_2015-03 Head of the Charles_2015-04

Head of the Charles_2015-05 Head of the Charles_2015-06

The day was beautiful, but brisk, so our visit wasn’t too long since the wind would sting your face a bit (poor rowers!).  It was just long enough to walk along the banks, enjoy watching the races, and give some cheers.

We even got to check out a playground, where Autumn mastered going down the swirly slide all by herself.

Head of the Charles_2015-07

The midmorning sun danced atop the ripples on The Charles and the vibrant fall leaves rustled in the wind. It made me so happy to be outside enjoying the sights and smells of fall. There is something so distinct about the smell of leaves that recently fallen to the ground and are being toasted by the sun. It is one of my favorite smells related to the season. I will miss it terribly next year, but knowing that there is a ‘last time’ for my experiences up here has made me much more aware of my surroundings and feelings than in previous years when I have taken this beauty for granted.

Head of the Charles_2015-08 Head of the Charles_2015-09

Head of the Charles_2015-10

Head of the Charles_2015-11

After we took in our fill of the regatta, we headed back to Harvard Square to enjoy lunch at Tasty Burger (I wrote about their food truck here). Then we swung into Sweet Cupcakes for an afternoon treat. Autumn helped picked them out for each of us, but still, magically, ate half of mine. Mainly, she was so fascinated with the street performer that she was almost too distracted to really eat her cupcake. She was pretty happy carrying it around to give the street performer a dollar.

Head of the Charles_2015-14

It was such a great day together. I’m so glad that we were able to go to the Head of the Charles and cross it off Our Boston Bucket List. So fun!


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