Apples, Pumpkins, and Donuts. Oh my! at Applecrest Farm, NH

Apple Crest Farm Day-01

What do they say about best laid plans?

Oh that’s right, they often get screwed up.

Apple Crest Farm Day-02

We had planned on going apple and pumpkin picking at Applecrest Farm with Price’s sister this past weekend. We went there last year, and had a blast, so we wanted to go again to get some more apples, pumpkins, and cider donuts.

Unfortunately, the day was much chillier than what would have been comfortable for apple picking. The temperature was okay, but the wind went right through ya!  So we changed things up and checked out their large farm market instead

Apple Crest Farm Day-03 Apple Crest Farm Day-04

Apple Crest Farm Day-05

First, we bee-lined it to cider donuts stand for fresh donuts, which are my most favorite fall things ever. Autumn seemed to enjoy herself too!

Apple Crest Farm Day-06

Oh, hello.

Apple Crest Farm Day-07 Apple Crest Farm Day-08

Apple Crest Farm Day-09 Apple Crest Farm Day-10

Since we skipped the orchards, we got all our apples in their new Farm Market.

They were building it last year when we were visiting so it was fun to go back and see it completed. It is so charming with crates of fresh fruits and vegetables, a lot from their very own farm. As well as a selection of beer and wine, frozen prepared foods, and freshly baked goods. Rounding that all out is a healthy stocked refrigerated section, that includes fresh cider. It’s hard to find in the area, but they have raw cider, which is needed to make hard cider, so they are a great resource for home brewers.

There even is a Farm Bistro. Adorable. Timing wasn’t right for us to visit and try it out, but I’m really hoping to go back one day.

Apple Crest Farm Day-11 Apple Crest Farm Day-12

Apple Crest Farm Day-13

Apple Crest Farm Day-14 Apple Crest Farm Day-15

Apple Crest Farm Day-16

Apple Crest Farm Day-17 Apple Crest Farm Day-18

I love fall in New England.

We grabbed a lot of apples from our visit so I have plenty of apples to eat (Idared) and bake (Cortland) with. They cut a blue hubbard squash in half for us (to split with Catherine), which roasted up so very well! Plus, I grabbed day old cider donuts, that I used to make a bread pudding. That I then smothered with a lot of homemade apple cider caramel sauce. (recipe coming soon!)

Apples and pumpkins are still available for picking so be sure to check out Applecrest Farm this weekend!

Applecrest Farm

133 Exeter Road (Rt.88)

Hampton Falls, NH 03844


Hours: 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Open Daily, Year-Round.


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