Earn Your Slash Challenge @ B/Spoke Studios – Update #1


I’m halfway done with B/Spoke’s Earn Your Slash Challenge and I’m loving it!

I’ve previously mentioned before about my new-found love of spinning and how I was taking this challenge on this month. I wanted to document this challenge similarly to my previous Whole30’s so I have been tracking each class with IG pics and recapping my classes progress.

The requirements in completing the Earn Your Slash Challenge running from October 5th through November 5th:






So here is a little update on my progress so far!

151007_Earn Your Slash Challenge_BSpoke

Ride 1

Wednesday, October 7th @ 12.00pm R/DE 45

Instructor: Katherine

I am so amped to start the Earn Your Slash Challenge. I bought a 25 class package to use for this month, and beyond.

It was a great class to get back into spinning after the month off. Plus, it was just mentally good to start off on a new journey.

I screwed up the damn stats counter so I have no data. Really annoyed with myself!

151009_Earn Your Slash Challenge_BSpoke

Ride 2

Friday, October 9th @ 6.30am R/DE 45

Instructor: Natalie

My legs were sluggish this morning. Maybe it was the time or the kind of work out or just because, but I felt off rhythm. However, I did more resistance than I normally go, so that felt good/horrible.

Natalie had a lot of ‘jumps/touch backs’ in the class (when you go from standing up to sitting back in the saddle, to going back up again) which are my least favorite move. I just don’t like them, I need to get over it. ha!!

Near the end of class we did 2 sprints, which I loved so much.  You just pump as fast and hard as you can. I loved the intensity of those bursts.

Glad I got the workout done before work. yay!!

I screwed up the damn stats counter AGAIN. DAMN IT

151010_Earn Your Slash Challenge_BSpoke

Ride 3

Saturday, October 10th @ 8.30am R/DE45

Instructor: Kelsey

Kelsey’s energy is so intense. I loved it. She really amps you up with her enthusiasm and music selection.

I struggled with this class as Kelsey had a lot of ‘choreography’ related to arms in, arms out, touch back, right arm out, left arm out, double touch back, etc, etc. I’m just not coordinated enough for that shit. I was trying to keep up but it was getting discouraging. Don’t get me wrong, the class was great, just tough for me.

I got the stats counter to work but I honestly think the reading was off a bit as I was busting my ass and my counts (calorie) were way off (less) than my previous reads. We’ll see what happens in future readings.

Spinning Stats_151010

151014_Earn Your Slash Challenge_BSpoke

Ride 4

Wednesday, October 14th @ 12.00pm R/DE 45

Instructor: Katherine

I had originally thought I would take a class on Monday, but due to a presentation deadline at work, I couldn’t take any extra time out of my day to go. And then I figured I would go Tuesday, but that didn’t shake out either.

Anyway, my ride on Wednesday was tough as I was feeling really bad with a cough. I’m glad I didn’t cancel the class though as I’m trying to stay focused on the challenge. I figured it would be better to go and try it and take it easy than just cancel it. Glad I did!

There were a few issues I was experiencing with during the class, one in particular was that my right foot was cramping during class. I spoke with Katherine after class about it and she suggested that I loosen the straps on my foot a bit to see if that would help… it did for ride #5! I highly suggest you get to know your class teachers to talk to them about how you are feeling and for any tips and trips for a better workout.

Messed up Stats reading… FML

151015_Earn Your Slash Challenge_BSpoke

Ride 5

Thursday, October 15th @ 12.00pm R/DE 45

Instructor: Natalie

What a difference 24 hours makes!

I felt so lousy on Wednesday, but I was feeling so much better during this ride. I was coughing less and I was not as short of breath.

Most of all I am glad that I am a 3rd of the way done, yay!!! And I got the damn stats counter working. Double yay!! And these seem much more accurate than my previous stats.

Spinning Stats_151015

151019_Earn Your Slash Challenge_BSpoke

Ride 6

Monday, October 19th @ 7.15pm R/DE 45

Instructor: Katie

I stayed late at work so I went to class after work (and then back to work again!)  I liked Katie’s teaching/class style so it was fun to meet her and try out one of her classes when I otherwise wouldn’t be able to with my schedule.

Oh the hills, the hills are alive with killing my legs. UGH! It was a tough class, but good.

I was told the stats counting didn’t start tracking until a few minutes into class so it was a little lower than it should have been, but great to have this info anyway.

Spinning Stats_151019

151021_Earn Your Slash Challenge_BSpoke

Ride 7

Wednesday, October 21st @ 12.00pm R/DE 45

Instructor: Katherine

The Wednesday lunch time routine is becoming really nice. I’m actually planning on continuing that schedule after the challenge as I really like Katherine’s classes.

The woman directly in front of me was kinda doing her own thing for part of the class, which was driving me crazy. I understand we need to modify things but it didn’t seem like she was interested in following along for portions of the class, like she didn’t do any isolation’s or followed along to the pace at times, like going fast at slow times and slow at fast times. It was like seeing something out of the corner of you eye that you aren’t supposed to see so it was distracting, in a dumb way.

Spinning Stats_151021

151024_Earn Your Slash Challenge_BSpoke

Ride 8

Saturday, October 24th @ 12.30 Hot R/DE

Instructor: Aly

So I was a sweaty hot mess after this class! ha!!

Holy hell, it was hot up in there!!! Def fun to do one of the challenge rides for the Earn Your Slash Challenge. It was hard but a good hard. I cranked the shower on the coldest setting that I could after class.

I have struggled before with doing sprints out of the seat, and I struggled again this time and was really fed up with it so the 2nd time we did sprints I just stayed in the seat. I figure that if would be better to modify the workout, like how they do in workout videos, to be able to give the sprint my all than slow my pace. I just loose my momentum and my legs get choppy, I don’t know if it’s my knees or my hips but it just isn’t working. SUCKS!

Also, I wore shorts since it was the HOT R/DE and I hated it. Never ever again.

No stats since I had to switch bikes at the beginning of class. Someone left one of their shoe on one of the pedals, and I couldn’t get it off, Ali yanked it off for me, but I don’t know if there was something wrong with the pedal clips as I could NOT get clipped in. I hopped to the bike next to me so no tracking of stats. Oh well.


Woohoo! More than half way done!!

I’ll follow up with more of my progress soon!




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