The Terrible Two’s/This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Autumn at Chilis_151120

I’ve had a long week.

In I feel like I keep saying that to myself a lot lately. But this week was rough with work travel and a deadline today. Like, Monday was a 12 hour work day and then on Wednesday and Thursday I did my normal 8.30-3.30 work day, and then went back to work after Price got home to work until after 12am, just to get home and go to bed at 1am to get up just a few hours later. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.

And Price is gone this weekend too. It’s good and bad since I can do things my own way without having to think about coordinating with him (I’m selfish like that) but then I got it all on my own.

Anyway, I wanted to celebrate surviving the week with my little Autumn. I schemed up going out to dinner with her so it would be a fun thing for us, as it’s been a while and we usually have a fun time coloring, playing around, and eating our dinners. Plus, I wouldn’t have to cook.

We headed over to our local Chili’s directly from daycare. We missed the typical Friday night dinner crush so I figured we would carry this good luck into our dinner. I was wrong.

She did well while we waited for our appetizer (Table Side Guac- I highly recommend it), but then things started to go downhill. She liked the chips but refused to touch the guac, although she eats it quite often. She played around on the seat and colored a bit but then she decided it was time to leave. And when she has it in her mind that she wants to leave where ever she is, she lets you know it. She repeatedly whined and shreaked “MOMMY GO!” while trying to drag me out of the restaurant.

She was that child, I was that Mom.

I really tried to defuse the situation with the novelty of chocolate milk, which she had never had before. Nope. Mommy Go! Here, let’s take pictures and send to Daddy! Go Mommy Go! Let’s have a rational conversation about our yummy dinners that are about to come out. MOMMMMMMY!! GOOOOO!!!!! How about we do some more coloring with the crayons. NO. Mommy Go! Go!!!!

So that is why I quickly dumped our dinners in to go containers the moment they were set down in front of us. We headed home and I admitted defeat to the week.

In summary, the terrible two’s have begun. And, this is why we can’t have nice things.

PS-  I was mature about the situation as well so that after Autumn went down to bed I spiked the rest of her chocolate milk to enjoy while watching Grey’s while laying on the sofa and lazy pointer finger typed this silly little post.



One thought on “The Terrible Two’s/This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

  1. linda gionfriddo says:

    oh my!! it has happened you have become “that Mom” welcome to the world of 2
    it’s hard to believe that such a little person has such power.
    thank goodness she has such a pretty face!!
    maybe now you will understand why i gave your pony tail a couple of tugs
    great idea spiking the chocolate milk, that will happen more too.
    love you Mom of a 2 year old


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