Thanksgiving. 2015


Thanksgiving really kicked off for us the weekend before the actual holiday. Thanksgiving was a week-long festivity this year. It was so nice.

On Sunday we had our own Thanksgiving turkey dinner full of turkey, slow-cooker mashed potatoes, stuffing, honey roasted carrots, cranberries, and rolls.


I went super casual at work on Wednesday with this ah-mazing tee that my blogging bestie Amanda and I both bought to celebrate this Thanksgiving. We’re awesome like that.


Truth be told, I had a major meltdown over brunch on Thanksgiving. Ya see, I decided that I was gonna ‘fancy up’ our breakfast by making waffled eggs benedict. Well, do you know how much of a pain in the ass it is to try to coordinate the cooking and timing of making the waffle base, poaching the eggs, and making a Hollandaise Sauce while the most adorable toddler keeps pulling you away from the stove so you can race doll strollers around the living room?

After having a lovely sob fest over over cooked poached eggs and a very separated Hollandaise, Autumn and I headed out to the beach so I could mellow out and so Price could recover from the exorcism he just witnessed in the kitchen.

The beach was nice and calming for me and Autumn so we were both energized and tired afterwards. She took an awesome 2 hour nap in the afternoon. Awesome!

The rest of the day was relaxing with some Chinese food take out for our dinner after Autumn went to bed. It was not the typical Thanksgiving fare, but it was perfect to stuff our faces with dumplings, crab rangoon, General Tao’s, and shrimp egg fu young.

Thanksgiving_2015-03 Thanksgiving_2015-04

Friday was the ‘real’ Thanksgiving for us as that is when we got together with family for the big turkey meal. We headed up to New Hampshire to Price’s sister’s house were we really enjoyed our time with family, the beautiful warm weather, and lots of Harvest Spaced Punch (recipe on the blog on Friday).


 Thanksgiving_2015-06 Thanksgiving_2015-07

Autumn did so well going with the flow with a later than normal nap on the sofa, which was nice since she typically is very schedule driven.


The long weekend continued on into a lazy, rainy Saturday. There was tons of coloring, playing with play-doh, and watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (duh). I even got the best nap in bed, under a pile of clean clothes, that a girl could ask for.

We (Price) pulled out the tree and decorations so we decorated our tree and the house. It makes me wish that Christmas trees were an all year round thing. At least Christmas lights. Since they are so cheerful. Like, right now, they help offset the misery that sets in when the sun sinks below the horizon just after 4.30pm. Ugh.

Thanksgiving_2015-08 Thanksgiving_2015-10

The rest of the weekend was great with a solo Target run, lounging around late into the afternoon in new pajamas that have waffles on them, some”You’ve Got Mail”, and a Patriots loss in OT. ha! And I even mastered my eggs benedict!

It was just a wonderful weekend to be thankful to spend time with family.



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