Gingerbread Snow Globes #KerrygoldGingerbreadContest

Kerrygold Gingerbread Contest

I immediately knew what I would do when I first heard about the Kerrygold Gingerbread Contest. It just popped up in my head and I was hooked.

Kerrygold Gingerbread Contest-01

I had recently seen the most adorable snow globe cupcakes on Pinterest, and I was intrigued. The glass part of the snow globes are made out of super thin gelatin that had coated a balloon. The balloon is deflated and the cast gelatin then holds its shape. So cool.

Kerrygold Gingerbread Contest-02

From there I created a plan and then did my shopping.

Thankfully Amazon had everything I needed, even the water balloons that were impossible to find in stores as it’s off-season for them now.

Kerrygold Gingerbread Contest-03

Once I had my supplies in hand, I got to work!

Kerrygold Gingerbread Contest-09 Kerrygold Gingerbread Contest-10

Kerrygold Gingerbread Contest-11 Kerrygold Gingerbread Contest-12

Kerrygold Gingerbread Contest-13 Kerrygold Gingerbread Contest-14

The gingerbread cookie base came together easily. Plus, it made the house smell great.

Kerrygold Gingerbread Contest-08

Autumn enjoyed helping out too!

I made gingerbread men and bunnies to put in the snow globes. Our mini bunny cookie cutter always sits on our kitchen window along with a bigger one to go along with my random collection of rabbit pictures and prints around the house in honor of our rabbit.

I made the cookies in advance and set them aside to then focus on the bubbles.

The bubbles were tough!!!

Kerrygold Gingerbread Contest-15 Kerrygold Gingerbread Contest-16

The instructions were clear to follow (thankfully!) but I did think that there was not enough gelatin to really cover the balloons. I’d actually make a lot more gelatin next time. But other than that, it was fun to do something challenging but creative!

Kerrygold Gingerbread Contest-06

It took 24 hours of the bubbles to cure, but once they were done I was ready to start to decorate and assemble the snow globes. I wish I had more pictures of this process of I had my hands fill and I mainly Snapchat’ed the experience.

I’m admittedly, not great at decorating cookies. But I don’t do it often so I don’t find much fault in that.

And of course, the gel icing for the eyes ran on the bunnies! gah!!!!

Kerrygold Gingerbread Contest-05 Kerrygold Gingerbread Contest-04

I did the best I could in the time I had so I think the snow globes came out well.

I certainly hope I win the grand prize, a trip for 2 to Ireland!, or one of the runner up prizes, a year’s worth of Kerrygold cheese and butter, but I’ll at least be super proud of myself that I accomplished this fun contest entry.


Kerrygold Gingerbread Contest-07


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