New Year, New You, New Glasses & A GIVEAWAY

New Year, New Firmoo Glasses

The New Year is here!

It is time for some change! Time for some resolve to start something new. It’s time to see things differently. It’s time for whatever you feel like it!

New Year, New Firmoo Glasses-01 New Year, New Firmoo Glasses-02

New Year, New Firmoo Glasses-03 New Year, New Firmoo Glasses-04

I enjoyed 2015. There were so many things that we had a blast doing, so many places that we visited, and a lot of things that I took on that feel great that I accomplished. We went on a Caribbean cruise in January and visited Maine this past summer. We stayed plenty busy with other local things too, like visiting P-Town and stayed on The Cape for a week. And one can’t forget that I got married!!!!!!! Yay!!

New Year, New Firmoo Glasses-05

The biggest thing that I feel proud about is that I hit the 65 pound weight loss mark after a year and a half journey in redefining my diet and approach to exercise after having my daughter, Autumn. In the spring I completed 2 Whole30’s and starting spinning classes, even completing the Earn your Slash Challenge at a local studio. I still enjoy perfecting my chocolate chip cookie recipe and an occasional glass of wine. And Cheez-It’s will always be my greatest nemesis!

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I am not exactly refining a specific resolution for the year since we have a lot planned like moving from Boston, MA to Tampa, FL and I just want to get through all of it and being open to our new home, jobs, and everything in between.

So maybe my resolution is to be open?

New Year, New Firmoo Glasses-12

New Year, New Firmoo Glasses-13 New Year, New Firmoo Glasses-14

Truthfully, I feel like it needs to be to take better care of my skin and wear make-up more often but I think ‘being open’ is fun and optimistic.

No matter what you resolve, I think that it’s a great time to treat yourself to something new so that you can take on the New Year with a fun look. A new pair of glasses will help you have a fresh look and, hopefully, a new outlook!

New Year, New Firmoo Glasses-15

New Year, New Firmoo Glasses-16 New Year, New Firmoo Glasses-17

New Year, New Firmoo Glasses-18

I love changing my glasses up to match my outfits and moods. And I am happy for the upcoming year so I picked out a fun new pair from online glasses retailer, Firmoo for the New Year.

I had a tough time since Firmoo has so many fun frames. They have new frames on their site every day! It might be intimidating to select glasses online but they make the process easy by having many different ways to sort for frames that will work for you. Plus, they are super, super affordable with most frames coming in at $19, and are no more expensive than $39.

New Year, New Firmoo Glasses-19

New Year, New Firmoo Glasses-20

I narrowed down my options to 3 different frames, including a clear frame, but ultimately picked out these (#D62142) that feature a fun, colorful pattern of dark pink, light pink, and teal on the inside of the dark frames. I have several dark frames but selected these ones as they are thinner than my others, plus they have subtle amber color flecks in them. And don’t forget that fun peek-a-boo pop of color on the inside.

New Year, New Firmoo Glasses-21 New Year, New Firmoo Glasses-22

I hope that you have a great New Year and that you are successful in any resolution that you make!

Let’s all make 2016 rock!!!!

New Year, New Firmoo Glasses-23

Firmoo offers a very, very large selection of frames for all face shapes and sizes. Their frames are really affordable and the process of selecting glasses is really easy.

Check out my previous posts about how to shop and select frames for your face and why sunglasses are so important. Proper eye care is so important, plus it has to look good!!

New Year, New Firmoo Glasses-24


1 winner will win one pair of glasses with 1.50 index lenses from this page: Any other add-ons or upgraded lenses will be charged at an extra fee. Open to US only, includes with free shipping.

Give away runs through 1/11/16 at midnight


Also, big thanks to Price for taking the pictures and for Autumn for playing dress up and being a good sport about the afternoon activity. I’m sure it didn’t hurt that stole my lipstick while I was putting on mascara and we had a little “Let it go!” dance party too. xo

New Year, New Firmoo Glasses-25 New Year, New Firmoo Glasses-26

New Year, New Firmoo Glasses-27 New Year, New Firmoo Glasses-28

New Year, New Firmoo Glasses-29


11 thoughts on “New Year, New You, New Glasses & A GIVEAWAY

  1. Amy says:

    Awww, that’s so fun! I like the Brown 8816. I feel like all my glasses have that shape…it’s usually very comfortable on my face. 🙂


  2. spiffycookie says:

    Oh man I need new frames so bad! I haven’t gotten new frames in over 5 years because I can never convince myself to fork over the money, but my frames have seen better days at this point and it’s probably time. There are so many great choices but I think I like D65114

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Sarah Ogden says:

    If any I’d get #DBSN62166, I have a hard time with wearing glasses because usually they always fall off my face, but these are stylish and seem like they would be sturdy enough not to fall off!


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