Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: For Him


Are you a planner for Valentine’s Day? Or are you scrambling at the last minute?

I fall somewhere in between for special occasions like Valentine’s Day, birthdays, Christmas, and anniversaries. Sometimes I plan ahead well and other times I send people birthday gifts late… really late. Or I’ll be on my game and get a cute anniversary card weeks in advance and then keep it in my purse for 2 months past the anniversary.#theworst.

Well, if you are still trying to figure out what to get the guy in your life check out this list Price created to help you out do some shopping.

-Bath and Body-


Shampoo and Conditioner – American Crew $20

A sure way to kick start his day is with a refreshing shower with this favorite shower products.


Shaving/grooming products – Art of Shaving $20-$100

Grooming and shaving does not have to be the same old thing.  Mix up his habit with some great smelling products that will last all day.


A cologne you both will love –$50-$120

Spend some dough on a dope scent! Fruit, floral woody, spicy?  Have him mix things up from season to season or for a special night out.



Headphones – Skullcandy $80

These headphones have a great rating, and they don’t break the bank. Plus, Bluetooth = no wires = no mishaps


Firestick – Amazon $40

For those moments or days when you want to find the right thing to binge-watch. Get on it! You might as well, considering your cable bill is twice a much each month.

-Food and Drink- 


Ice Cub Trays – glacio $15

Regular ice is for regular drinks. Make any drink special.


His personal (and awesome) can/bottle coozie – Yeti Colster – $25

He will invite friends over just to show this off. You’ll be the hero for keeping his hands warm while keeping his drink cold. They make an amazing stainless steel drink holder as well. You cannot go wrong with either one.


Meat and Cheese – Murray’s ($120)

For the fromageophiles in your life, any of Murray’s gift boxes would be a great option. Prices range from $50 for a Bacon Me Crazy box to the $120 French Connection box (pictured) to the $275 Weekend at Murray’s.

-Staying Active- 


Running Shoes – Adidas $40 

Shoes are a tough sell but at least you’re expressing interest in his shoe-game and getting his old shoes left in the garage or used for mowing the lawn.


Cooling Towel – Ergodyne $7

Speaking of mowing, he might need this for any outdoor activity. At less than $10 it’s an easy thing to keep in his car, truck, or boat and can be used any time.


Fitness Membership  – Orange Theory

My husband has been attending classes at Orange Theory and has really been enjoying it. Yoga classes, spin classes, or rock climbing certificates are great ideas too so that your man can keep moving, gain strength, and gain confidence.



Multitool – Victorinox $93

These little things are really great for…well everything!  You never know what you can use it for on the weekend, loose screws or cutting open a bag of carrots, this can handle it.


Portable Battery – Car Jumper $50

Considering how easy it is to get a dead battery, this is always a good option to have stored on the spare tire area or trunk. For $50 it’s piece of mind he’ll make it home or at least the auto parts store 🙂


What are you getting your special guy this Valentine’s Day?

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Stitch Fix – July 2016


I was so excited to get this latest Stitch Fix!

My recent boxes have been great so I was looking forward to getting more awesome items to add to my closet.

I received this box in July and have been rotating my goodies in my wardrobe since.


Conor Eylet Detail Top from Skies are Blue  for $64.00 (Size S)

I have been telling my stylist that I don’t really want long sleeve shirts since I live on the surface of the sun. So for a brief second I was bummed I got one, BUT I chilled out quickly since it’s cotton and breathable. Plus it’s white. Totally doable in Florida.

stitch-fix-july-2016_02 stitch-fix-july-2016_03

I decided to keep this rather quickly since I liked the fit,

I’ve worn there to work once and several times on the weekend with jeans, as pictured above. It’s a nice neutral top so I typically accessorize it with bright sunglasses for a fun contrast.


Mula Knit Tank from Paper Moon $38.00 (Sized S)

Stripes! I totally dig the stripes on this top since they vary in color and size.


I’ve worn this more often on the weekends since I think it’s more casual than dressy but I’ve worn it to work with a black skirt, to go with the black striping.


Levi Ponte Dress from Brixon Ivy  $68.00 (Sized S)

I could go on and on and on about how much I love this dress!!

The shape, the material, the stripes, the color… it’s all fantastic.

And then there is a price, which is great for a dress like this.

And then there are the pockets. Pockets are life with a toddler who hands me stickers, chapstick, toy cars, 24/7.

I want to order a back up dress since I have a feeling I’ll probably spill something on it and then have a freak out.

Plus, I don’t have to wear a bra with this dress. A total win!


Alanzo Split Neck Cotton Tank from Skies are Blue $48.00 (Size S)

This top is similar to the button down tank I received in the Fix that arrived in April, which I thought was a bummer. But then I put it on and realized that I liked it so much more than that top in April. (Can I send that one back?! jk!)

I really like the detail in the neck line. It’ s simple but adds to the top to elevate it from just a plaid top to one that can be  dressed up for work as it’s more tailored.

I like the fit and style of this top a lot. Plus, it’s cotton!!

stitch-fix-july-2016_08 stitch-fix-july-2016_09

Vilia Lace Detail Knit Top from Papermoon $48.00 (Size S)

I don’t love this top that much. It’s a seems like I could get it from Forever 21, but it’s nice. I’ve already worn it several times. I guess, I don’t like the price of it more than anything since it looks like a top from Forever 21.

But the fit is great (loose), I like the detail (lace), and the color (pink!) so it works.


Merchandise Total: $266

Buy 5 Discount: 25%: -66.50

Styling Fee Credit -$20.00

Total $179.50


I decided to keep all 5 items from this Stitch Fix box. It was a real winner!

I just scheduled my next fix, which will arrive in a few weeks.

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Capturing Time with JORD Watches- AND A GIVEAWAY!!!


I think the hardest thing about being a parent is time.

Time is constantly against you when you are a parent.


It starts when you are pregnant- how many weeks are you? how much longer? how far apart are the contractions?

Then on maternity leave- really? you can’t sleep while I try to take a 2 minute shower? When is your father getting home from work? It’s already been 10 weeks, I can’t go back in 2 weeks. I’m not ready. We’re not ready.

jorg-watch_01 jorg-watch_02 jorg-watch_03

jorg-watch_04 jorg-watch_05 jorg-watch_06

And it goes from there.

“The Days are long, but the years are short.”

That saying is so true. It really is true when you kid wakes you up at 4.35 and you are exhausted at work watching the time slowly creep along.


It’s true, when you have 2 minutes before you need to leave for work and daycare and you ask your kid to get their shoes on. And 2 minutes later you’re kid is still screwing around and there are no shoes in sight. Or when you are stuck in traffic. There always is traffic.

Or when you are counting down until they go down for a nap or go to bed.

But at the same time I can’t believe that the weeks, months, years have flown by. Where has my itty bitty baby gone? I have an incredible, energized, talkative, loving daughter who is almost 3. That seems impossible to me!

It’s not fair how little they want to snuggle at times. I swear my kid gives me 2 minutes when I could lay there for hours rubbing her back, giving her butterfly kisses, and breathing her in. (But of course, she only wants that when I am trying to get the dog out who refuses to be house trained… come on Brinkley!!)

No mater what, I am constantly checking the time to see when we need to get out the door, when is it snack time, is time to get to the pool, or is TV time over.


Or is it just time to head over to a friend’s for a BBQ. That is one of the best reasons to rush out of the house. Especially when there are margaritas.

Since I am always looking at the time, I was so excited to get this JORD watch.

jorg-watch_08 jorg-watch_09

I was always saying ‘I’m not a watch person. My phone tells me the time.’ BUT when you have a kid that wants to watch Clifford/sing to the Banana Phone song/Draw/anything on your phone, you hide it so they are not glued to it draining your precious battery. So when I am at home, I do my best to keep it hidden or out of reach and rely on a watch.

So it might as well look damn good.

This watch is so cool. It’s made out of wood, sized to fit you, and has an overall great style. There are options of faces, kinds of wood, tones of glass. It feels like its luxurious without the insane price tag.


I selected the Koa and Ash watch from the Frankie Collection. There were so many options, but I felt it was more classic than picking out a watch with a pink toned face. While I love fun pops of color in my wardrobe, I wanted something to be more classic and neutral, to go with everything from a white top, to a plaid one, a striped dress, or a black wrap one. It can go with you large Dunkin’ cold brew, or your PSL, or a margarita. ha!!


I am contemplating getting the Frankie 35 in Zebrawood and Navy. The navy just gets me. Like that will go with my obsession for all things preppy and nautical in style. It would just look so good with my lobster print skirt, or my anchor tunic, and my other anchor dress, or that other anchor print dress… I have a problem.

Check out all the awesome wood watches from JORD

Click on this LINK to enter a $75 e-voucher from JORD. Best thing is that everyone wins… everyone who enters gets a $20.00 e-gift card (excluding the winner).

The contest is live now, and will end Sunday 9/25/2016.

Luxury Wood Watch


Stitch Fix- May 2016

Stitch Fix Review- May 2016

I’m happy to report I had another great Stitch Fix shipment.

So I held off on posting it since I typically post about it right after getting it but I don’t get to then chime in about how much I have been using the things or what is working and isn’t. Just decided to change it up this month.

Unfortunately, I didn’t keep the receipt and I don’t have the descriptions and prices of the items from the shipment. And Stitch Fix is lame and doesn’t keep a record of it on line for you. I might just have to call them and big them about this!

But let’s dive in, shall we?!?

May 2016 Stitch Fix- 04 May 2016 Stitch Fix- 05

Waters Printed Maxi Dress from Papermoon $68 (Size S)

I typically struggle with getting maxi dresses to fit since most of them are made of Amazons, (I’m looking at you Old Navy!) but this was perfect for my height. That was a big selling point to me. Plus, it was just great looking! It was flattering and fun with the colors and pattern on it. This felt like a great option for the summer to wear to work on a Friday with some fun accessories to dress it up or just out and about on the weekends.

I’ve work this several times at work and on the weekends. It’s so comfy. I am going to be careful washing it as I think it will be an item that pills over time.

May 2016 Stitch Fix- 03

This dress, oh this dress!!!

I loved this dress the moment I took it out of the box.

I love the pattern and the fit. I like the length. I like the material. I like it all!

I have worn this repeatedly.

Firmoo Glasses Review_May 2016

Since I decided on the dresses mentioned, one of which is significantly more money than I would normally spend on a dress, or on a Fix, for that matter, I decided that I would have to be more selective on the other items I decided to keep.

Of the remaining 3 items, I decided on keeping this shirt.

I loved the fit, the pattern, the styling options. A clear winner

I wore it to Everything Food Conference in SLC (hence why this picture is different than the rest) and when I got home washed it and something in the wash attacked it. It has tiny red splotched all over it. WTF. I have put it through the laundry several times since hoping to get it out but no luck… yet.

I swear I am just cursed with my Stitch Fix stuff. UGH!!!!! I am seriously so annoyed about this. I can deal with shrinking my March Fix since that was my fault, but NOTHING was in the wash that could have caused this.

May 2016 Stitch Fix- )1 May 2016 Stitch Fix- 02

I liked the lace pattern on the top but I felt it was too casual. I typically save my Stitch Fix clothing for work stuff, or it has to be pretty awesome otherwise, since I

May 2016 Stitch Fix- 06

While I liked this shirt I didn’t think it was too flattering. Plus, I felt the quality of the material didn’t justify the expense.


I have another Stitch Fix coming in a 2 weeks. I am already looking forward to it!


Have you tried Stitch Fix before? Do you love it? Hate it? 

If you haven’t tried Stitch Fix before and are interested in giving it a try then please use my referral code: 3059041. Thanks!!!!!!!


My new spring fling glasses {and a Giveaway!!!!}

Firmoo Glasses Review_May 2016

I was just a Everything Food Conference in Salt Lake City this past weekend. It was so much fun.

It was wonderful to learn so much from amazing teachers who shared their knowledge and passion from live streaming, photography, and how to best utilize various social media platforms. I met so many great people at the conference. I got a real kick out of people who recognized me because of my bright glasses. For real.

Firmoo Glasses Review_May 2016_01

I have previously shared my love for glasses in the past as they are a great way to accessorize your outfit or to match your mood. They have become part of my identity at this point.

My new green and white framed glasses from Firmoo are so fun for spring and summer. They are matching a lot of my light colored outfits that fill my wardrobe.

Firmoo Glasses Review_May 2016_02

Plus, it feels that they match my happy mood since moving to Florida.

Obviously, I needed new glasses in honor of the move.

Firmoo Glasses Review_May 2016_03 Firmoo Glasses Review_May 2016_04

I browsed the wide section of  frames that Firmoo had to offer and eventually picked out these green frames as I tend to go for rich brown tones and I wanted to add a pop of color to highlight my sun kissed Florida tan.

Glasses tend to be so pricey but Firmoo offers glasses at an affordable price- often frames at just $19-$39. And the add on for prescriptions are affordable as well. I’ve spend as little as $60 for new glasses. So reasonable for glasses.

The glasses can take a few weeks to arrive so just plan for that, or pay for the expedited shipping- I did that for these babies! Just plan accordingly

Why just get new sunglasses for summer? Get some new eye glasses frames too!

  Firmoo Glasses Review_May 2016_05


1 winner will win one pair of glasses with 1.50 index lenses from this page: Any other add-ons or upgraded lenses will be charged at an extra fee. Open to US only, includes free shipping.

Give away runs through 5/30/16 at midnight


Thanks to Amanda for taking these pics!