Our Disney World Anniversary Trip: Epcot


It was Day Three of our Disney Adventure to celebrate our First Wedding Anniversary. We did Animal Kingdom, we did the Magic Kingdom, now it was time for Epcot.


Having got sucked into the heartbreaking news of the Orlando Night Club shooting, we arrived at Epcot later than we wanted.

It was 10:30am and we did not have anything besides a few cups of coffee. So the first thing we looked for was a restaurant that could provide us with a sturdy healthy warm breakfast.

Our eyes locked in on Sunshine Seasons for a quick service meal. It was less than a 5 minute walk from the entry and on the way we stopped at a FastPass+ kiosk and signed up for Spaceship Earth and Mission:SPACE.


Afterwards we made our way to breakfast. Sunshine Seasons, in The Land Pavilion, was a convenient quick service place that had plenty of options. An added plus was that our meals had surprisingly large portions, and included a drink.

epcot_vacation_03 epcot_vacation_04

epcot_vacation_05 epcot_vacation_06

With out bellies full we decided to stay in The Land building for our first ride, Living with the Land which is a slow ride and informative for the past present and future of food growth and production. So cool.

We the headed over to the Imagination! Pavilion. The Disney and Pixar Short Film Festival was about to air so we stuck around for that to begin since we love Pixar movies and the theater was air conditioned. The 3D movies, “For the Birds“,”La Luna“, “Get a Horse” were really cute and worth the short wait for them to begin. Outside we looked at the fountains and the geometric shapes.  Imagination! complete!


Around the World features different buildings featuring places around the world that wrap around a lake at Epcot. Price was super excited for the Around the World exhibit mainly for the beer drinking in each “country.” But in addition to that we would be taken to a new place as each country featured architecture and buildings in the style of their own country. It doesn’t have a strip mall feeling, it’s authentic! Just like the beers of course from their native countries.

Our first stop was in Canada. We spoke with a couple from a town near where Price grew up in NY and some of the people in Canada about how different life is in FL compared to NY. We perused the merchandise but passed, again it was the beginning of the day and we weren’t about to carry around something all day.


epcot_vacation_09 epcot_vacation_10

Then on to jolly ole England at the United Kingdom pavilion. We stopped by a cart for a pint of Magner’s and a cider. At one of the Crown and Crest chop, there was the opportunity to could locate your country of origin and shield by last name.


Of course Price’s English and Scottish background popped up, mine surprisingly popped up as well. Placed an order for a family shield that I gifted to my Dad for father’s day. Besides making a great gift, it was great that we could pick it up later in the day at a pick up location as we exited the park. With free hands and growling stomachs, we headed on.

epcot_vacation_12 epcot_vacation_13

Next up, France. Okay so we skipped the beer in lieu of a croissant at the pastry shop, Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie, and a venture into the wine and cheese shop. Not that Price and I have ever split a bottle of wine in the fly while walking the streets but we could have, but we had other countries to visit right now.

Mickey Meltdown Meter= 75%

epcot_vacation_14 epcot_vacation_15

Morocco was next, the architecture was beautiful. Plus, the scents from the restaurants were so enticing. Since we had a late breakfast we didn’t stop for lunch, but I look forward to during future visits.


Price had to stop by for a drink as I breezed by the stand. On we went in the Summer heat.


We we entered Japan we were greeted with a drumming performance called Matsuriza. It was fun to listen to and watch as they put on a show banging on each other’s Taiko drums and banging onto each other.


Being that it was so hot out, I couldn’t resist stopping at the shaved ice cart and I couldn’t resist the honeydew ice with condensed milk. Get the condensed milk on it. So good!


Then we ended up in… America.  Wait, are we State side again?  What number beer is this?  Since the majority of the buildings looked just like what we saw every day in Boston, we breezed through this area.

Mickey Meltdown Meter= 85%


Back on the trail to Italy. We browsed the shops and even watched a street performance with a juggling mime that got the crowd involved and cheering.  It was all so much fun!


There was a perfect spot to stop and check out the gondoliers, as well as the views. We took a bit of a break here and watching the crews setting up for the Illuminations: Reflections of Earth fireworks show.


Again we skipped the beer but then hit Germany, so… beer.  Price ended up getting a Leinenkugel Grapefruit Shandy which we both got hooked on and enjoyed buying throughout the rest of the summer at out local grocery store. When you think grapefruit, it’s bitter, it’s biting, but not this beer, the beer is light and smooth and taste like Summer in a bottle.

epcot_vacation_22 epcot_vacation_23

I skipped drinking here and instead stopped into Karamell-Kuche for some caramel popcorn. I swear it is the best caramel popcorn I’ve ever had. I quickly regretted getting a small bag.

Mickey Meltdown Meter= 90%

epcot_vacation_25 epcot_vacation_26

Next up China.  It was now 2pm and we were hungry so we wandered into Nine Dragons Restaurant. Since we felt that we could get good Chinese at home we skipped it. This was a bad move on our part, but more on that later…

Noway was next! We checked out some shops (hello Anna and Elsa gear!) and put our names on the list for an early dinner at the Akershus Royal Banquet Hall.

We hit up Mexico next for another beer, what type I don’t know but who’s counting at this point?!?


At this point we finished up the World Showcase just in time to make it over to Mission: SPACE for our FastPass+ reservation.

I was so excited to finally get on a ride! I love rides! I love roller coasters! It’s all so much fun. Price, on the other hand, is not a big fan of rollercoasters or fast rides. But being a good husband he humored me and agreed to the ride. Poor poor man.

There are 2 intensity options for the ride… green and orange. Green is the less intense version, orange is the more intense version. There were young kids heading into the Orange Team side so I was thinking that we could handle it. Sadly, I was wrong.


This is the time when you say ‘didn’t you pay attention to the warnings alerting people who suffer with motion sickness, people with heart monitors, or other illnesses to turn back and did we… no! We got in, we did the tutorial, and we skipped all warnings then got into the capsule. Price was seated next to a kid (8 or younger) with his father so he wasn’t about to bail. The “ride” wasn’t a roller coaster and you didn’t go upside down or in a corkscrew so Pricer would be fine, oh boy! The Orange Team ride puts you into what feels like a space shuttle. The shoulder bar comes down and the screen is in your face so you cannot look away. How you feel like you’re laying down when your standing we don’t know. The launch occurs and you feel like you’re being pulled back in your seat at 1000 MPH!  The clouds wiz past and the dark sky gets closer.  You slam some buttons which is the only interactive part of the trip and then.. you float. It’s weird but you go from launch to a feeling of weightlessness in less than a minute.  Price was about to freak, the beer, the food, the heat! Of course the Mission:SPACE ride has to take you all the way to Mars so you hit “hyper-sleep” then wake in a meteor shower and crash on Mars.  Suddenly it ended.  Mickey Melt don in 3, 2, 1, go!


For those following along, the Mickey Meltdown Meter and a very real thing no matter the age. We did Disney for three days, we went hard for each park, and we attempted to do as much as possible in those few days but at what cost. Price had a 45 minute meltdown that centered around his fierce hatred of everything. We walked out of Mission:SPACE and right into Innoventions just to get into some AC and sit down. At one point I lost him for about 30 minutes but found him pacing the walkways trying to cool down. The only available seats were next to an entrance (so Summer heat pouring in when every person walk in the door) but it had an outlet so we could charge our phones. Pricer got a Powerade which he could have paid $200 for and not cared. He had had it with the people, the heat and humidity, the rides. Everything was a gigantic irritation including all things in motion and a second wind was far for mounting.  Luckily he pulled together since we still had dinner and we really needed some food to fill our bellies (and make room for all the beer we drank!) Beware the Mickey Meltdown; make one day a pool and spa day and just remember to take it easy.


Thankfully, a short while later, Price was smiling again!

We headed back to Norway for our character dinner at Akershus Royal Banquet Hall. The dinner was just what we needed to regroup after a hot day full of drinking and random snacks. We needed some real food, tons of water, and some AC!

epcot_vacation_31 epcot_vacation_32

Our exceptions for drinks and dinner were blown away. Dinner started with a buffet that had plenty of seafood, salad, meat, cheese options, including Norway’s signature brown cheese, Brunost. I skipped it but Price tried it and said it had a sweet caramely flavor.

The entrees were the star of the show. Price’s Kyllingbryst and my Bassert Biff, were both incredible. His chicken was juicy with a nice crisp skin and my beef was incredibly tender.

We were so full then, but we still made room for dessert that featured 3 small desserts, including an apple cake. yum!

epcot_vacation_33 epcot_vacation_34

I am 31 years old and I still get a kick out of the Disney Princesses. It’s just so fun. Don’t be a kill joy and ignore the princesses. Enjoy it! Shoot even take a picture.

Of course, I was giddy with getting to meet Ariel. Hands down she is my favorite princess.


Ever wonder what’s inside that giant golf ball looking thing? Well it’s not just a sculpture, it’s the Spaceship Earth ride.

Our FastPass+ reservation for Spaceship Earth aligned perfectly with us winding down our day at the park. It is a peaceful slow ride and an easy end to our long day. Definitely makes up for the Mission: Space fiasco.

We ended our day by getting the family shield I bought in the UK pavilion and then hoped on the bus (not unlike our Boston bus trips with a bunch of sweaty irritated people not talking to each other) for our ride back to the hotel.

epcot_vacation_36 epcot_vacation_37

Once back at the Coronado, we dumped off our stuff and got into our bathing suits. We needed to cool off so we headed to the pool for a bit, right before a massive thunderstorm rolled in.

While there was the Mickey Meltdown, our day at Epcot was a success since we spent it together enjoying the magic of all the wonders that the world and future have to offer.


Check out my recaps of our previous days at Disney World!

Day 1: Animal Kingdom

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