Keeping a Piece of Boston in our Hearts


This past spring we packed up our lives in Boston and moved to Tampa, FL.

We were so eager about the move. It was time for change. It was time for new things. It was something we were excited to do. We took it head on.

So while we have been really excited about this move, we have wanted to bring things that symbolize or remind us of Boston with us since Boston has meant so much to us. We both lived there for 12 1/2 years. Met there, graduated college together there, bought a house there, got our dogs (Boston Terriers!) there, and had our daughter there.


I have been on the search for fun things to add to our house that will bring I was checking out the goodies at Uncommon Goods and I found the perfect thing in their anniversary gifts section. (looking to get more specific?  Then look for gifts for HER or HIM)

As soon as I saw the Skyline of Love piece or artwork I knew that it was the perfect fit for us and what I was looking for. It was beautiful, cool, and you could customize it.

There is an (almost) endless list of skylines, from US and International cities, to I bet you’ll find one for you too. This is great for giving out wedding and anniversary gifts. Or to just gift one to yourself!

skyline-of-love_uncommon-goods_03 skyline-of-love_uncommon-goods_05

Don’t want a skyline? Then check out their Silhouette of Love that takes a photo that you send them and they make you a custom silhouette. So cool!!! And the very same artist, Sandrine Froehle, does another custom piece of vintage looking colorful artwork that she creates from your photos. I love her work.


I was so excited with it’s arrival. Opening up the box revealed a beautifully framed piece of art that features the skyline of Boston. I was so excited to see the Custom House on the right side of the skyline as it’s my favorite building in Boston.

The coolest things is there are different things you can customize about the artwork, besides your name and anniversary date. You can pick from 3 different backgrounds and 10 different colors for the hearts. I liked the contrast of the black and white and I thought the red heart was just so classic.

Right now it’s handing out in the loft at my dad’s house as we are stationed there while our house is being built. It’s right when we walk up the stairs so we pass by it like 500 times a day, you know, when you have to go up and down for toddler toys, socks, pillows, new hair clips, to grab the dogs that ran away with a beloved plus toy… ya know!


Even Autumn, err I mean Supergirl, likes it. (She also likes the owl that I catch her snatching up and putting in her room! ha!)

I can’t wait wait for our house to be complete so that we hang this beautiful piece of art up so that we can bring a bit of Boston to Florida.


This post is sponsored by Uncommon Gifts, all opinions are my own.


3 thoughts on “Keeping a Piece of Boston in our Hearts

  1. Price C. Taggart says:

    The skyline is crisp and clean, the writing is so nice. Overall, a lovely memory of our past. I cannot wait to put it up in our new bedroom once our new house is complete.


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