Dear Hunter @ 7 months

January, 2018

Dear Hunter,

This has been one exciting month!

Your first Christmas! Your first New Year’s! Your first time standing up!

Oh boy!! What a fun Christmas surprise for us.

I was sitting in front of the tree getting some toys out of their packaging for Autumn and you crawled over like normal. But then, you pulled up on me so you standing. You were so excited and we were so shocked. Thankfully, Daddy had his phone so he could quickly snap some pictures of how proud and excited you were. It was so magical to be there, and for it to be on Christmas too.

You quickly mastered crawling last month and now this. I’m afraid that if I wait 5 more minutes you will be walking. ha!

Besides being a master at pulling yourself up now, you are doing such a great job of feeding yourself. You eagerly try whatever we give you but it’s really clear that broccoli is your favorite food. Raw, steamed, or roasted- all of that works for you. yum!!

Sleep is still a struggle with you a times, but I really don’t mind the nightly feedings. I really enjoy getting to snuggle up with you in the chair in our room. The glow of the moon peaks through the gaps where the curtains join, allowing me to just see your face while you nurse back to sleep.

I have always been looking forward to what the next month has to offer with you, and your sister, but this next month is extra exciting since I am going to stay home with you guys now.

Work had stopped being enjoying a long time ago, but I didn’t want to hate it because I loved the profession and company where I have built my architecture career, and I knew that I would if I kept working. I was longing to spend more time with you and Autumn without feeling the insanity of trying to fit it all in. I know that being home won’t solve everything- goodness laundry is never ending. I know things will still be hectic in a different way with being home, but at least we can have a lot more adventures together.

My next letter to you will have the fun recap of how we went on our first family cruise together. I really can’t wait for that fun!

I love you!



PS. I couldn’t find the lion we have for your monthly photos to show off how much you are growing compared to it. I looked ALL OVER for it, gave up, took your pics, then Dad came home and I lamented to him about how I couldn’t find it anywhere. “you mean the one sitting on top of the dollhouse?” Yep, that one that I walk by 500X a day. duh! So next month, there will be a lion!



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