Dear Hunter @ 7 months

January, 2018

Dear Hunter,

This has been one exciting month!

Your first Christmas! Your first New Year’s! Your first time standing up!

Oh boy!! What a fun Christmas surprise for us.

I was sitting in front of the tree getting some toys out of their packaging for Autumn and you crawled over like normal. But then, you pulled up on me so you standing. You were so excited and we were so shocked. Thankfully, Daddy had his phone so he could quickly snap some pictures of how proud and excited you were. It was so magical to be there, and for it to be on Christmas too.

You quickly mastered crawling last month and now this. I’m afraid that if I wait 5 more minutes you will be walking. ha!

Besides being a master at pulling yourself up now, you are doing such a great job of feeding yourself. You eagerly try whatever we give you but it’s really clear that broccoli is your favorite food. Raw, steamed, or roasted- all of that works for you. yum!!

Sleep is still a struggle with you a times, but I really don’t mind the nightly feedings. I really enjoy getting to snuggle up with you in the chair in our room. The glow of the moon peaks through the gaps where the curtains join, allowing me to just see your face while you nurse back to sleep.

I have always been looking forward to what the next month has to offer with you, and your sister, but this next month is extra exciting since I am going to stay home with you guys now.

Work had stopped being enjoying a long time ago, but I didn’t want to hate it because I loved the profession and company where I have built my architecture career, and I knew that I would if I kept working. I was longing to spend more time with you and Autumn without feeling the insanity of trying to fit it all in. I know that being home won’t solve everything- goodness laundry is never ending. I know things will still be hectic in a different way with being home, but at least we can have a lot more adventures together.

My next letter to you will have the fun recap of how we went on our first family cruise together. I really can’t wait for that fun!

I love you!



PS. I couldn’t find the lion we have for your monthly photos to show off how much you are growing compared to it. I looked ALL OVER for it, gave up, took your pics, then Dad came home and I lamented to him about how I couldn’t find it anywhere. “you mean the one sitting on top of the dollhouse?” Yep, that one that I walk by 500X a day. duh! So next month, there will be a lion!



Dear Hunter @ 6 Months


Dear Hunter,

Half a year with you!!

I still can’t believe that 6 months has already sped by.

You make every day so wonderful.

I’m in awe of your bubbly personality. You hardly fuss as you are just content with with held, being on the floor, playing with toys, or with Autumn. Plus, you make everyone really happy with your smiles and giggles. Your smiles are like yawns, they are contagious.

You have mastered sitting up. It’s amazing to see you sitting up and looking around, taking the world in. You really like to watch Autumn and the dogs. Besides just being able to balance you are able to be on your back or belly and twist and turn to pop yourself up to sit up. Sometimes you pause while doing it, and you look so suave as you are sprawled out on your side, minus the come hither look. ha!

You are so close to crawling too.  that it is just a matter of days. You spin and roll around on the floor, meandering around as you wiggle this way and that, but you are really going to take off very soon.

There has been so much progress this month from you sitting up well, almost crawling, getting better and better (and more eager) at eating food, and finally having a few weeks not being sick from that awful cough… amazing, wonderful, bliss…

I can’t even begin to imagine what the next month holds, besides getting to celebrate your first Christmas, but I can’t wait for it.




Dear Hunter @ 5 months

November 2017

Dear Hunter,

Or maybe I should call you Alfalfa! You have 1 long dark hair that stands up in the middle of your head. We smooth it down but it tends to pop back up again. The rest of your hair is much finer, and is more slowly coming in, while this single strand of hair has a mind of its own. It’s really barely noticeable so I don’t cut it, plus I’m sorta interested in how long it will actually get.

You have 99% gotten better from being sick. It just took 4 doctors visits and a 10 course with a nebulizer, but you so rarely cough now that I am calling it a win.

Even while you were sick you were a champ, everyone at daycare said that you were still so happy and smiley. I get to hear great reports of you playing around, being happy, and even starting to hold your bottle on your own now.

You have mastered rolling over. As soon as we lay you down you twist yourself over and push up to see what is going on, and then you can just as quickly flip back over onto your back. I only wish you wouldn’t do that while I was changing your diaper. It’s like trying to change a gator while in a death roll. I usually give up flipping you onto your back and put the diaper on your which ever way you let me while you are on your side or stomach.

Sleep has been rough since you were sick. You get up multiple times at night still, which is okay except that prior to getting sick you were only up 1x, maybe 2x. There were even nights when you would sleep through. Now I just bring you right into bed and you snuggle up next to me while nursing. You are back to sleep a few minutes later, as am I, but we probably should try to get you back to sleep without that being the routine. It would make things easier for me in some ways (I’d probably still need to get up just to pump then), but I sorta just love it at the same time. It’s so nice getting to snuggle with you.

I’m still so much in awe of your chill personality. You are so relaxed and happy. You do get talkative and loud at times, but you are still so happy when you are loudly blabbering and shreaking away.

Can we please slow down time though? I can’t believe that you will be eating foods and sitting up soon. And then crawling… omg. I can’t handle it all speeding by!

I love you.



PS. SORRY Autumn keeps grabbing your head and hugging you. She loves you, she really does, but it’s not a gentle love. I know you will get back at her soon enough!



Dear Hunter @ 4 Months

October 2017

Dear Hunter,

Oh, what a month!

This month was brought to you by the letter S. S FOR STORM AND SICK!!!

First Hurricane Irma hit and then our house was hit with a stupid cold that gave you the deepest saddest cough ever. But you’re a champ and we have powered through it all.

While you won’t remember your first Hurricane I gotta say that you did amazingly well for it all. Thankfully you don’t understand weather forecasts on the news or you probably would have been crazy stressed about the track that was coming right for us. The week before was stressful and tiring for Dad and me. We had so much work to do to prepare for it from getting supplies, moving things around and putting up hurricane shutters. I even went out and picked you up an exersaucer thinking it would help keep you entertained as we dealt with things after the storm, possibly without power.

Autumn understood we kept yalking about a big storm buy didn’t understand what it really meant, she was just excited about us cleaning out the closet under the stairs for us to stay in the night it hit. Slumber party time!!!

Thankfully the track of the Hurricane shifted further east than originally planned so we lucked out. And as the wind dies down I meantally checked off that you had your first Hurricane over and done with.

Soon after, you experienced your first cold. Unfortunately, as I write this, you are still coughing from it. It’s the cough that will never end!

Autumn got sick, then you, then me, then Dad. You even went to the Dr twice. They cleared you of RSV, but later said you had the croup virus,but not full fledged croup. My poor muffin.

So you had been sleeping really well and then it all got flipped upside down because of you being sick. We are still working on things at night but more often than not you are up 2 or 3 times. I really try go get you settled back in the back and play next to the bed but there are some nights when I hold you to keep you propped up or just because I’m so tired I doze off again. And then there are the nights I just bring you right into bed to nurse. You are so accustomed to that now that once you are in/on bed you twist and turn to get into position, even if I’m not laying down with you.

I absolutely love to snuggle with you. But, you do get pretty sweaty, even with the A.C. blasted (making me super cold!) and light clothing on. You’re just going to have to get used to this Florida heat one day!

I am looking forward to you getting better and seeing what the next month holds for you.




Dear Hunter @ 2 months

Dear Hunter,

Ah, my sweet little man. I love you so much. You are just such a joy to everyone in our family. Even the dogs enjoy a little snuggle with you.

I have really been cherishing my time home with you. Spending every day with you is so wonderful. I get so bummed out when I noticed it’s 3 in the afternoon. How did the day speed by so quickly?!? I hate how days are just gone in an instant.

At least my days with you are filled with cuddles. I love getting to hold you while you nurse or while you take a quick nap.

You are a great sleeper, unlike your sister, but we won’t rub it in her face. You are only getting up once a night now. It is wonderful. And you even do a pretty decent job of fall asleep on your own. You fuss a bit but generally just fall sleep, at least for a quick nap.

I haven’t taken too many naps since you are such a good sleeper, but every now and then I take one and you are generally on my chest or in my arms. So perfect.

We can’t believe how much you and your sister look alike, but are still so different. You are my chunky monkey! At this age you have about 5+ pounds than she was at the same age. It’s nuts to me that she was in newborn clothes for 3 months and you are going to quickly grow out of the 0-3 months stuff, probably before you are you 3 months old.

You nurse really well, which makes everything much easier than

The best developments this month are your smiles and coos. You smile so much when we talk to you or give you light tickles. The coos come every now and then and they crack me up as they have such personality behind them. You put some gusto behind them.

I am looking forward to seeing everything you learn next month. And seeing much more chunky my chunk monkey can get. ha!