The Week In Rewind #1

Years and years ago I started to do a weekend recap on my blog because I was listening to Martha Stewart Radio on Sirius and they used to have a Monday morning series where you could call in, email, or tweet them a weekend recap explaining “How Martha You Were”. The person who was most “Martha” won some prize.

I knew I was being an awesome weekend warrior and I could win, so I started to document these weekend wins on the blog. I would then email or tweet them the link.

Every damn Monday.

Did I ever win?


There were some real legit winners who did super cool things in a weekend like  building a tree house, canning 300 jars of jam, knitting 15 hats for preemie babies, running a marathon, etc. BUT, some weeks. The lamest people would win and I’d call BS on some of the winners since they would report something like “I saw my grand-kids and I baked cookies with them,. Then we enjoyed them with hot chocolate” and I’d listen in going “WTF! I made marinara sauce with 50 pounds of tomatoes!!!” Or I would have thought “WHAT?! That is nothing! I built our raised beds this weekend and I split 8 hosta plants and planted 8 tomato plants, 3 pepper plants, etc, etc!!!”

Eventually, I gave up sharing my weekend warrior wins, but kept up the tradition of posting weekend recaps. I stopped last year as I was really feeling disconnected with blogging since we had so much going on- finish the construction of our house, moving into it, getting settled in it, having Hunter, etc.


I missed documenting all that fun stuff, so I’m back at it! However, I’m changing it up so instead of just talking about the weekend, I am going to do a recap for the whole week. I think this change up will be great to talk more about our day to day lives; which are pretty awesome. It is going to be fun to feature the fun and mundane things that Autumn, Hunter, and I are doing, now that I am staying home with them too.

Let’s kick things off with a little recap of what was happening the first week of 2018!


We aren’t that big into New Year’s so the fact that we went out to our friend’s house for a party on NYE is a big deal. Granted, we wrapped things up before the ball dropped since Hunter wasn’t staying asleep at our friends house. We could have kept trying to get him settled but it didn’t feel very fair for him. Plus, I value sleep above all else and if the kids are sleeping, I am then sleeping!

Autumn sorta made it up for the ball drop since she dozed for a few but then work back up again for the countdown with Price. I didn’t care and I called it quits at 11.58. I’m a party pooper.

New Year’s Day was super chill. We slept in later than normal since everyone was up later than normal. We just hung around in PJ’s and just relaxed. The best way to kick off 2018.

The 2nd was our dating anniversary… 13 years!

We always recognize the importance of the day but we didn’t get a chance to do anything for it with the busyness of the holidays and the fact that was a Tuesday, and blah blah blah. We are old and lame.

But in reality, we are going to have a little solo date night to celebrate our anniversary and my upcoming birthday while we are on our cruise later this month. OMG I can’t wait for that cruise.

On the 2nd, I also went back to work for my last week of work. To say I was trilled, is an understatement. I’ve been looking forward for this change for a long time.

The rest of the week coasted by with us being super thankful that we were no longer in Boston. Every morning we enjoyed watching the news covering the Bombogenesis as we dealt with our old cold morning temps in the mid 30’s. ha!


My friend & coworker took me out to lunch on Wednesday. Everything was incredible.

Wednesday’s Orange Theory Fitness class kicked my butt. I’m loving it though. I’ve been having some issues with the heart beat monitor which stinks since my stats aren’t accurate, but I am just glad to be going.


Autumn and I went out to dinner with my dad and Aunt at a Chinese food restaurant in preparation for a memorial service that my Aunt was going to hold on Sunday for her best friend. I had salt and pepper shrimp which is my FAVORITE dish and I haven’t had it in years. Bliss.

I then had another Orange Theory Class. OMG, I am never eating before class again. That was so awful. Lesson learned.

Friday was my last day of work. It flew by since I was so busy wrapping things up, teaching people some things, saying bye to people, but I still managed to take a moment to enjoy some lunch with my coworkers.

The hardest part of the day was writing an email to my old office and current one saying bye. I’m glad to be staying home with the kids now, but it was tough thinking about where I started when I first started interning in Boston and everything that I learned and worked on over the years.

But spending my days with these 2 nuggets is going to be so awesome.

Even if they drive me to hide in the bathroom. ha!

I got in another OTF class in the morning on Saturday before Price went over our friend’s house to help them pack up to move.

They are building a house that is walking distance from our house, which is just so awesome. I can’t even being to imagine the trouble we are going to be into together.


The kids and I went over to our other friend’s house for a birthday party. At usual, it was great getting to hang out with all the moms, the kids had a blast making the school bus craft, and Hunter got to and with his future girlfriend, Mila.

Sunday was sorta insane but it all worked out.

Price did OTF in the morning and then I went out to brunch with my friends at The Hall on Franklin. But before that, Hunter had an allergic reaction to eggs. Fun!

So that Kentucky Champagne was very much needed.

I really value getting to hang with my awesome friends and enjoy our newly established monthly brunch outing.

After brunch, I raced home, got the kids, and then went to the Memorial Service. It was great to remember someone with a great appetite and a great appetite for life. And it didn’t hurt that the restaurant doubled the order( what?!?!) and I left with an insane amount of leftovers.

The rest of the day flew by as we got the kids ready for the week ahead.


I’m looking forward documenting our busy, fun, crazy weeks in this series. Hope you enjoy these recaps too!





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