The Week In Rewind #2


Monday kicked off my first official day as a Stay at Home Mom!

And I didn’t have any kids! ha!


It was all planned that way so that I could have a few days to tackle some projects, get caught up on some house stuff, and what not. Then I could go to my mom’s on the 12th with Hunter to help her with her surgery. Then Autumn would continue with daycare, ending on the 19th.

I basically spend the day running errands. One thing I did was pick up some clothes from a neighbor that her son had out grown. It was so kind of her to pass that stuff on. I will take anything and everything, even off season Halloween PJ’s. I was sorting them later that night and Autumn saw them and decided she needed to match Hunter. Price found her old skeleton PJ’s… 18-24m. She squeezed into them and was so proud to match Hunter. ha!!

On Tuesday morning, I went for a walk with my friends.


It’s great getting to walk with them. Typically, I have the kids with me, but it was just a nice walk for me and the dogs. We even got to enjoy a rainbow!

Then I got Hunter at daycare for a Dr’s appointment to discuss the allergic reaction he had to the eggs over the weekend and his previously scheduled 2nd flu shoot.

And on Tuesday’s we have gymnastics!!!

I had forgotten to leave my laptop charger at work on my last day so I needed to bring that to work so I ran in there and then ran over to Tampa Bay K9 Solutions so I could take some pictures of the dogs there for their Instagram account that I manage. Then on to Ikea.

On Thursday, my mom’s surgery was changed with less than 24 hours notice. WHAT?!? At least daycare pulled through and saved the day so that we could keep Autumn enrolled an extra week so that I could take just Hunter up while I helped my mom. It really messed things up, but in the end worked out.

Kemper. Just being spoiled.

On Friday morning, we went back to the Dr for Hunter’s Flu shot, so that it could be monitored. No issues there, thankfully! But he was diagnosed with a minor double ear infection.  He sorta was playing with this ears throughout the week still but his personality, appetite, and sleeping habits were all  the same. He  just had some goopy eyes. Kid’s a champ!

We had a Friday night Pizza Date with our friends, Brittany, Jared, and daughter Hudson. Hudson and Hunter were only born a few days apart, so it was super cute getting to watch them play together. And any time to hang with friends is awesome.


Saturday was really cold (for Florida), but that didn’t keep us stick in the house. We aren’t afraid of some 40 degree temps. ha!

I took the dogs on a long walk in the morning, which they loved since these temps are really enjoyable for them.

Then I warmed up the house by making some brownies for a neighborhood block party. It was so great getting to hang out and to get to meet some neighbors. Plus Autumn, had a blast getting to play with a bunch of older girls in the neighborhood. She really was so brave talking to the older kids and playing with them since she just met them.

I was really excited when Keke’s Breakfast Cafe opened up a few months ago just a few miles away from us. We got the chance to go on Sunday morning and everything was awesome. Great service and a great waffle! After doing waffle recipes for a year I am not quite judgy and these passed the test. Also, I want to eat their potatoes every day with petal sauce.

Autumn was great at the restaurant and grocery shopping and then became possessed once we got home. We figured it was from being up later than normal on Friday and playing around so much on Saturday that she was just so over tired. Price managed to get her to nap, so I then was able to lay down with Hunter.

The weekend really wrapped up with a nice sit down dinner. I made chicken parm with pasta, roasted broccoli, garlic bread, and salad.

It was a great week.



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